Top 5 Impact Wrestling Wing Men

by Robbie E    |  Views: 2,018

What's up, bro? I am back another week with another blog -- a bro blog, bro. Because I'm a bro. Oh! And this week it's time to talk about who I'm willing to roll with, now that Bigger Rob is out of the picture. I mean, rolling solo is boring and at times I need a wing man.

5 - Joseph Park - Have you seen Park? Look at the way he dresses, that track suit? His game? Or, you know, whatever he has where a bro usually keeps his game. Hanging out with him is a sure way to make sure girls are always into me.

4 - Matt Morgan - Homeboy is huge. If anyone is gonna have my back and scare peeps off when I'm out stealing people's girlfriends it's a bro that's 50 feet tall. The Blueprint is a damn monster and I'm super scared of him, so other people will be too. He's perfect to be my bouncer.

3 - Tara – Let's get really real here, bro. Tara is a super-hot cougar. I mean, I would totally tap that, bro. She's got that big butt and is majorly fit. Daddy likes. Also she even says she's a freak which is perfect for Robbie E, bro.

2 - SoCal Val aka EZ V - My current co-host on "The List" is so cool. She's the dopest girl to chill with and always super fun. She's bubbly and funny. Bro, Val is the perfect person to be around all the time. One of my favorites.

1 - Mr. Pec-Tacular - I guess I have a man crush on him, but I know the feeling is mutual. We think alike, we both love hitting the gym and tanning, we both surround ourselves with only finest women. The only difference between us is I say "bro" and he says "dood" Other than that we are exactly the same. Think about it, bro!

Until next week… Oh! You ain't on the list, bro.

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