Motorcycle Racer Blows Through a Fireball Like It's Nothing

September 8, 2011

We all dream of one day doing at least one awesome thing from an action movie. Walking slowly away from an explosion. Jumping through the air holding two gun and actually hitting something. Well, this motorcycle racer managed to live the dream, albeit completely accidentally, when he drove straight through a fireball.

This is mounted video from the Isle of Man Grand Prix, an amateur motorcycle race that tends to cause a lot of injuries, what with it being a narrow and windy course through a densely populated area. The guy causing the fireball is Brian Purdy, who, amazingly, got through crashing and a bike explosion with a broken arm and a few other minor injuries.

And this unidentified cyclist managed to both get through the fireball AND avoid running Purdy over. If you're wondering why he didn't stop, he's not allowed. Motorcycle races have marshals to rescue and treat injured racers: if he'd pulled over, he would have just made an already narrow and dangerous situation moreso.

That and we're not entirely sure he realized what had happened as his mind was yelling “HOLY CRAP WE JUST DROVE THROUGH A FIREBALL” over and over again for about five miles.

Source: Munroman/YouTube