Behind the Scenes with Shmucks

December 17, 2009

Steve Carell and Paul Rudd are in a movie that's been under the radar for a couple years, Dinner for Schmucks, but now we're finally getting a look behind the scenes. In a recent interview Carell and Rudd both sat down and talked a bit about the movie and the hilarity we can expect from it.

Dinner for Schmucks is a remake of a French film called Le diner de cons, the story of which entails a businessman bringing the stupidest idiot he can find to a dinner, along with other businessmen in his company who are doing the same. He's trying to move up in his company and the man who has brings the biggest idiot to the dinner wins recognition from his peers.

Here's what Carell and Rudd have to say about the whole affair:

This is already being compared to The 40-Year-Old Virgin and it looks like it could be pretty dang funny. We already know Carell can play an idiot with relative ease, and that he and Rudd make a great team. It doesn't hurt that Jay Roach, the guy behind the first two Austin Powers movies, is directing.

The question now is if Dinner for Schmucks rise above the recent few Carell comedies. We'll have a better idea of whether or not this is going to be the case once a trailer hits the interwebs.

Source: MTV