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Late Night Strip Poll Saturday Hangover

by presedol   July 19, 2008 at 1:00PM  |  Views: 48

It’s was an All Star week in baseball and an All Star week here on the Poll. First Josh Hamilton of the Rangers locked and unloaded a record 28 longballs in the first round of the Home Run Derby. Granted he ended up running out of gas and losing but the damage (to the outfield seats) was already done. We were so excited here at the Late Night Strip offices, we almost blurted out, “I want some of what Josh Hamilton’s smokin’!” but quickly kept that to ourselves, fearing more boos than a Barry Bonds curtain call. You have to admit, it’s a great line… albeit tremendously insensitive given the kid’s backstory… (Feel free to use it at the office). Then the All Star game went an agonizing but thrilling 14 innings and almost gave way to position players J.D. Drew and David Wright having to take their respective mounds in emergency relief. How cool would that’ve been, seriously? It’s like Emeril burning himself in the Iron Chef Kitchen Stadium and Paula Dean coming off the bench to finish cooking his pot of Gefilta Fish gumbo. Just an amazing two days… so amazing in fact, that you guys split right down the middle, 50-50 when asked this week on the poll which event you were looking forward to more, the derby or the mid summer classic… Frankly, a tie in the polling data to such a question is only fitting since both were such sensational instant classics.


The opposite of a tie however was how strongly Spike guys felt about which new mom they’d rather have tuck them in at night, Nicole Kidman or Jamie Lynn Spears… In a result that only Chris Hanson could love, 61% of you pervs want a promiscuous 17 year-old to tuck you in at night instead of one of Hollywood’s most beautiful leading ladies. We thought Kidman was a lock since the mere sight of her on the bigscreen usually puts us to sleep instantly. Maybe if the question was more specific, the outcome would’ve been less alerting to numerous government watch lists like maybe JL Spears vs. Days of Thunder Kidman… Oh well, too late. We outed you guys. All in a days work here at the Poll…

We also outed how you feel about who the bigger trouble maker is between DMX and Kanye West. Even though we all know how much Crybaby West hates to lose, 62% of you guys showered X and his collection of monthly mugshots with your praise for his illegal ways. It’s probably the last comfortable shower he’s gonna take for a while ‘cause he’s goin to a place where shouting, “get at me dog!” means something totally different…


For more inquiries of insensitivity, check out the Late Night Strip. There’s a new poll every week. So, bang it here and start voting.