NBC Announcer Would Prefer if Russia Brought Less "Eurotrash" to the Olympics

February 25, 2010

When NBC decided to hire the guy responsible for signing a career backup goalie who boasts the 36th best save percentage in the NHL to a lucrative 15-year contact as their lead hockey analysts at the Olympics, some people wondered how this would end. On Wednesday night, we got our answer – badly.

After being defeated by a dominant Canadian team, Milbury offered a reason as to why the lopsided affair did not go the Russian’s way.

“I was disappointed these guys came with their Eurotrash game,” Milbury told the millions of people who were forced to watch hockey on a network that specializes in tape delays and David Hasselhoff-related programming. “No heart, no guts, no nothing there to back it up.”

Following the odd reference, co-host Bill Patrick asked "Did you really say 'Eurotrash?' Did that come out of your mouth?"

Milbury did not take this opportunity to backtrack.

“Yes, Bill. Yes I did.”

(During this whole exchange Jeremy Roenick watched with a shocked look on his face that may stand out as the most indelible image of the games. And when a guy who specializes in obscene statements and subsequent public apologies thinks you’ve gone too far – maybe it’s time to re-examine your stance.)

Also, I’m not a geography scientist or map analyst, but is Russia technically in Europe? Really, I’m asking…

Watch the video here

Photo: NBC