1-Up Helmet Gives you Extra Lives

January 15, 2009

Etsy user Tahiet has cleverly crafted a helmet cover for cyclists that will save face fashion-wise when it’s not busy saving face face-wise.  It’s a 1-Up mushroom from Super Mario Bros., except that it’s on your head and not in a video game.

Whether you’re wheeling across a barren desert patrolled by swaying cactus foes, or using your cape to negotiate the airy doom over lava pits, it never hurt anybody to have a few extra lives up their sleeve.  Or, in this case, an extra life on their head:

The game of life is filled with risky maneuvers. Especially for those on bicycles. When bounding over the bottomless pits between the rail lines, or trying not to get thwomped by an angry SUV, one could use the reassurance of having an extra life.