Israeli Commando vs Spetsnaz

November 23, 2010

Taking a break from Deadliest Tournament for a second...

Two of Asia's special and secretive forces come in a deadly shoot out. Soviet Russia's elite anti-terrorism killers. Israel's equally elite killers. Who. Is. Deadliest?

Israeli Commando

Micro Galil.


KA-BAR Knife.



AK-74 Carbine.


Ballistic Knife.



Micro Galil vs AK-74 Carbine. Edge = AK-74 Carbine.

The Carbine is more accurate than the Galil so I would have to say the AK.

Glock vs Makarov. Edge = Even.

Both are fearfully accurate and deadly and will just kill you after they're taken out.

KA-BAR vs Ballistic. Edge = Ballistic Knife.

This was close, but the Ballistic Knife can fly and kill, even in hand to hand the KA-BAR's a little longer.

Semtex vs RGD-5. Edge = RGD-5.

The Semtex has to be set up ahead of time, whereas the RGD-5 grenade has to be thrown at anytime, and can kill.


A squad of Israel's Commando's are lined up, ready to break into an old airport. They were informed terrorists were about to hijack a plane and nosedive a city. They had set up a pattern of semtex in each plane, so if someone did get in one, they'd be blown to bits.

On the last plane, after hooking up some semtex, two Commando's were attacked by bullets. One was shot down and killed, the other ducked and crawled to a safe spot. When he saw a Spetsnaz soldier coming, he blew the semtex up, and he was torn up.

Israeli Commando: 5. Spetsnaz: 5.

The other five Commando's heard the explosion, and another ran in to see what was happening. The other Commando came out, telling them about the Spetsnaz.

The Israeli Commando split up, breaching the building, looking for the Spetsnaz. Then one looked up to a higher level, where a Spetsnaz threw down an RGD-5. The Commando ran, shooting, but wasn't looking where he was going, and bumped into another Spetsnaz.

The Spetsnaz threw the Commando's galil down, and he pulled out his ballistic knife. The Commando was laughing as he pulled out his KA-BAR, due to the mere size of it. But before he could slash with his knife, the Spetsnaz shot his, and its blade sliced his jugular.

Israeli Commando: 4. Spetsnaz: 5.

The two Spetsnaz silently walked through the upper level of the airport. They both were armed, one with his carbine, the other had two makarov's. They saw another Commando running, shooting his glock, and took cover from behind a small kiosk. He was able to shoot down the one with the makarov's.

The Spetsnaz that was not hit shot again and again, ready to kill the Commando. As soon as he heard the click in the glock, he got closer and scattered the kiosk with bullets, and he didn't stop till there was the sight of blood.

Israeli Commando: 3. Spetsnaz: 4.

The Spetsnaz walked away from the ruined kiosk, and walked back down stairs. He eventually made it to the parking lots, with a few cars still on the top level. He thought he might get an advantage if he was in a car, shooting out the window.

When he sat down in the nearest car, a large black Ford Explorer, he tried to hot-wire it, but a Commando waiting in the back took another KA-BAR, and slashed his neck.

The Commando left the car after grabbing his galil, and walked back into the airport, where he soon found another Spetsnaz, and caught him by surprise. He shot him down, and the other Spetsnaz was killed.

Israeli Commando: 3. Spetsnaz: 2.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the last two Commando's were shooting at another Spetsnaz, who had thrown many objects behind him, trash cans, tables, and another kiosk, to keep him protected. He shot down another Commando, but the second one was shot from another Spetsnaz behind him.

The two Spetsnaz were searching for the last Commando, but before they could see him, one of the Spetsnaz was shot down, and the other dropped to the floor and did those twirling moves to confuse and get away from the Commando from above.

Israeli Commando: 1. Spetsnaz: 1.

The Spetsnaz slowly walked up the stairs, searching for the Commando. When he saw him, he was still looking down, at other angles, ready to kill the Spetsnaz, thinking he was still down below.

The Spetsnaz aimed his AK-74, still unnoticed, and shot:


The Commando heard the gun out of ammo, so he turned and shot his galil:


Both their guns were out, so each pulled out their backup guns, a makarov and glock. As they shot, they backed away from the other, and the Commando was eventually gashed on the shoulder. He shot back, and the bullet lodged into the Spetsnaz arm. Both were now wounded, but the Spetsnaz was able to run, and shot one last time, the bullet hitting the Commando in the neck, and he fell down instantly.

The Spetsnaz walked closer, and shot the Commando again in the face. He then screamed, "Ya Spetsnaz!"

Israeli Commando: 0. Spetsnaz: 1.

Spetsnaz: 576.

AK-74: 368.

Makarov: 133.

Ballistic Knife: 14.

RGD-5: 61.

Israeli Commando: 424.

Micro Galil: 291.

Glock: 97.

KA-BAR: 6.

Semtex: 30.