Jason Statham Cast in The Killer Elite

May 15, 2009

British action hero Jason Statham has joined The Killer Elite, a movie adaptation of a book based on real events written by Ranulph Fiennes about a pack of vigilante assassins who protected ex-members of the SAS. The SAS soldiers had contracts put out on them by a sheik from Oman, so the "Feather Men" decided to put a stop to these killers.

Cinematical gives us the scoop:

As intriguing as the real story sounds, it sounds as though Elite will only be loosely inspired by Fiennes' account. It centers on British special forces who are being targeted by assassins, but plunks Statham in as a Navy Seal who is forced out of retirement in order to save his closest friend.

So for everyone who loves the standard Statham fare, you're in luck, 'cause this film doesn't sound like it will stray from the typical action movie he stars in.

Question: Do we love Statham for his predictability or hate him for it?

Second question: How could we ever hate Statham for his kick-buttness?

Answer: We couldn't. This movie shall be awesome.

Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images