Alabama Football Pays $97,000 to High Five Barack Obama

August 18, 2010

Winning college football’s national championship comes with some pretty impressive perks. For instance, did you know that the BCS title-winning Alabama Crimson Tide were the only team in the country invited to spend nearly $100,000 to go meet a man who didn’t pick them to win their conference?

Much like most championship squads of late, the University of Alabama football team was summoned to the White House to bask in Barack Obama's awesomeness. You know, on their own dime.

Curious about how travelling a couple hours for a hand shake can cost more than a luxury SUV? Here’s how the expenses of the trip break down:

  • $79,314: A chartered plane from Tuscaloosa and back again
  • $3,500: Four buses to transport the team to and from the airport
  • $6,000: Four more private buses to tour the team around D.C.
  • $1,671.30: Bill from Metropolitan Police Department, Homeland Security Special Ops, for crowd control
  • $3,512: Breakfast, Classic Fare Catering
  • $3,329.95: Lunch tab from Chick-fil-A


Much like when Forrest Gump won a national title with the Crimson Tide in the 1960s, the team enjoyed the Commander-in-Chief's brief –but mildly memorable – speech and presented him with a home jersey he can wear while passing laws to ensure that collegiate athletes never get paid.

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images