Mantenna - Tuesday, March 31

March 31, 2009

Heidi Klum bares all for art, Outkast's Andre 3000 is arrested, and 10 of the tiniest gadgets's the Mantenna!

Source: Egotastic

Heidi Klum Gets Naked

Heidi Klum never stops. The supermodel, television host, and mother of three recently posed for a new book by famed fashion photographer Russell James. James is the main photographer for Victoria’s Secret and has worked with all of today’s supermodels. Klum has written the foreword in the book and also shed her clothes for some candid, sexy artistic black-and-white snaps. [Egotastic]

Cheating Husband Caught on Google

A man having an affair has been caught out after his wife spotted his car parked outside another woman’s house on Google street view.  The woman was using the Google service to snoop on a female friend’s home when she discovered her husband’s uniquely blinged-up car parked in front. The husband had claimed to be away on business, but Google showed otherwise. [The Sun]

Rate Your Partners' Satisfaction

Feeling like it’s time for a paradigm shift between the sheets?  Perhaps you’ll want to print out a “Sexual Satisfaction Survey” from CollegeHumor.  Simply distribute to your former lovers and politely request that they fill it out to the best of their knowledge.  You may also want to give them a “refresher session” if they feel some of their answers are murky. [CollegeHumor]

10 of the Tiniest Gadgets Ever

Gizmodo has scraped together a diminutive pile of 10 unreasonably small gadgets.  The smallest netbook is impressive (4.3-inch screen) and probably still usable with one hand.  The smallest production car is a shade larger than a small human.  But the real show-stopper is the world’s smallest working revolver pistol. [Gizmodo]

Hackers Crack 20% of iPhone App Store


Source: Wired

The Apple iPhone application store has been one of the most booty-heavy targets for online pirates.  In fact, over 20% of the paid applications in the store have been cracked – some of which are at “a 100-to-1 pirated-to-paid ratio.”  We can’t help but being somewhat impressed with the swashbuckling.  It’s not just for fun, though, one pirate (unidentified) said that, “it’s Apple’s fault for not allowing trials of apps before purchase.”  Yo-ho, yo-ho! [Wired]

TR2N, TRON 2.0, or TRON?

There seems to be some confusion with the title of the forthcoming sequel to Tron. At a recent presentation, Disney showed an audience a new logo design for the new Tron, and it read simply "TRON." Was this an anomaly or the new title for the film? It was pretty clear that TR2N was not going to fly with…well, anyone. But titling the film TRON makes it look like a remake instead of a sequel, which supposedly isn’t the case. You know it’s bad when there’s mass confusion over a title and nobody’s even seen a trailer yet. Is there hope for this movie? [/Film]

Andre 3000 Arrested
OutKast’s Andre 3000, a.k.a. Andre Benjamin, was arrested in his home state of Georgia this weekend after he was busted for doing 109 mph in a 65 mph zone. Dang. TMZ reports that Andre was taken to the Henry County Jail where he took a mugshot, posted $1,200 bail, and was eventually released. [TMZ]

Jason Newsted to Reunite with Metallica

Despite all of the fans that thought this would never happen, Metallica will reunite and perform with former bassist Jason Newsted this weekend at the Hall of Fame ceremony in Cleveland. Newsted recently told that he had modest expectations for his role in the group's induction on Saturday. Then, last Thursday, he got a call from Lars Ulrich who said he wanted Jason "to rock with" the band. Ulrich also told him that Robert Trujillo "is not gonna play at all" and they just want Newsted to play. [Billboard]

Half of California Gas Stations Face Possible Closure

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, California gas station operators have known since 2000 that they would have to install new nozzles on their gas pumps by tomorrow's deadline. And yet at least 2,000 of the 3,900 stations in the Southern California region and 60 percent of stations statewide have failed to do exactly that. The California Air Resources Board ruled nine years ago that gas pumps would have to be equipped with enhanced vapor recovery nozzles that capture and recalculate the gasoline vapors that inevitably escape while pumping gas. Starting April 1st, stations that haven't upgraded will start to face fines that will be ramped up toward the end of this year. Stations that haven't made the changes by the end of 2009 face closure. [Daily News]

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