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Fantasy Football 10 Up, 10 Down - Week 12, 2010

by davidbreitman   November 24, 2010 at 2:44PM  |  Views: 144

You know how this works by now. 10 players who will exceed expectations, and 10 who will make you ashamed for putting them in your starting lineup.

Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images


10 Up

Matt Cassel, Kansas City Chiefs

One of the hottest quarterbacks in pro football will play one of the league’s worst pass defenses when the Chiefs head west to take on the Seahawks.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, New England Patriots

Green-Ellis has been getting consistently better each week. Behind the Patriots' well-coached offensive line he should be able to continue this trend and even provide a breakout game against the Lions 26th-ranked rush defense.

Braylon Edwards, New York Jets

Mark Sanchez is giving Edwards a lot of deep looks these days, which should pay dividends against a struggling Cincinnati Bengals defense.

Mike Goodson, Carolina Panthers

The Panthers' passing game isn’t exactly setting the league on fire, and Goodson has proven himself to be a competent enough rusher in the backfield. He’s averaging 22 carries-per-game in his last two starts and put up substantial yardage against the Ravens' vaunted defense last week.

Brandon Jacobs, New York Giants

The Giants have announced that Jacobs will be the team’s starter this week against the Jaguars. He may not have a monster day, but Jacobs could bang in a goal line score and become a valuable sub for an injured back.

Sidney Rice, Minnesota Vikings

He was targeted 10 times last week and is on his way to becoming the team’s top offensive threat at receiver. Against a struggling Redskins’ defense, Rice could emerge as one of the top fantasy receivers this week.

Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers

Jackson makes his season debut playing for a quarterback who’s throwing for 300 yards-per-game and searching for a number one receiver.

Nate Washington, Tennessee Titans

Jeff Fisher is desperate to prove that he doesn’t need Vince Young to succeed in the passing game. Fortunately, he’ll have the opportunity to make his point against the Texans’ league-worst pass defense. Expect Washington to be the main beneficiary of Fisher’s insecurities.

San Francisco 49ers Defense

The 49ers defense knows it’s going to have to make up a lot of ground for their struggling offense. Look for them to try to create turnovers against an Arizona Cardinals offense that could generously be described as “one of the worst in the league.”