Ton And Allen Hit Bayou Country

April 15, 2012
What's cooking down in the south? This week the Auction Hunters took a drip down to New Orleans to find out. Going to one of the oldest cities in the country filled with 1.3 million residents was a big move, so did our heroes emerge from bayou country waving wads of cash in their hands? Let's take a looksie:


Sold For: $3,700

Sure, maybe the first thing the Auction Hunters found in this "Trailer Unit" was a plastic duck, but that was just a sign of good things to come. After boxes and more boxes were lugged around full of tools, our heroes finally got their hands on something humongous: a propeller. But that was just the appetizer, the main course was an airboat right behind it! Nothing's says "Louisiana" like swerving around in gator-infested waters on a good ol' fashioned airboat. But how much did this southern contraption run? It was time to find out, so Ton and Allen headed over down to the bayou to meet with Mark, an airboat dealer. The airboat was about 30 years old, with a clean finish, and a rare engine, and that meant it could've been worth $7,000- $8,000 tops. Mark threw out a tiny offer of $2,500, but Allen said he wouldn't take less than $4,500, so they met halfway at $3,700. A few squeaky startup noises later, Mark took Ton on a ride on the airboat, speeding through the swamp faster than you could ever believe. Hold on those those dollars ton!

Was Bayou country a good visit for Ton and Allen this week? You better believe it. With some clever bidding, our heroes bought two units for $1,575, sold the contents inside for $12,430, and skipped down New Orleans with a bag full of $10,855 in total profit. Now that's southern hospitality!

Did you catch Ton riding that awesome airboat? Visit for this week's episode "Big Easy Money" now available online and see all the amazingness that is bayou country. As always, check out the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates about the show, and tune in to all-new episodes with Ton and Allen on Wednesdays at 9/8c.