Grandma Survives 90 Hours In Neck-Deep Mud, Puts David Blaine To Shame

July 19, 2011

Remember David Blaine? He used to be a magician: now he's just some dude who hangs around inside something that looks vaguely uncomfortable for a few days, declares a world record, and goes home. We're pretty sure his next stunt will be flying coach. But even if it's sleeping on a bed of nails for a week, he's still been clowned by a grandma from Florida.

Kathleen Shino, 62, of Holiday, Florida, just wanted to go for a walk. Unfortunately, for reasons that are still unclear, she suffered a sudden blackout and woke up up to her neck in mud. For a really horrible irony, she was less than half a mile from her own house. And there she...well...waited for somebody to find her.

Which they did...after 90 hours. In the meantime, Shino got to experience all the joys being trapped in a mud pit in Florida has to offer. Her face was attacked by ants, her body was nibbled by fish, and other, even less savory, animals lurking in the nearby water. Oh, and she had no food or anything to drink, either. Basically she had to sit there and take it.

Fortunately, Shino's cries for help were overheard by a nearby neighbor, and rescue squads showed up. It took chainsaws, and also rescuing a paramedic who got stuck with Shino, but she was finally retrieved and whisked off to the hospital. Good thing too, as apparently an alligator lives near where Shino was face up in the muck.

To give you an idea of how she took it, Shino reportedly stated: "The one thing I did think of every once in a while to give myself a little bit of a laugh sometimes during the day is that people pay a lot of money to go sit in mud spas. They're wasting their money. It's not what it's cracked up to be." Then she decided to go start a fight in a biker bar, because she hadn't made every man in the area look like quite enough of a sissy.

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Source: Today Show