Who's Gonna Win the Bound For Glory Series?

by Robbie E   June 06, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,738

What's up, bro? It's Robbie E and I'm back with another blog bro. This week, Slammiversary is out and the road to Bound for Glory is officially upon us. BFG is a place where stars are born or reborn. In my opinion these are the guys (personal issues aside) that deserve to be shining at and after BFG bro.

5 - Mr. Anderson - He is dumb for joining Aces and Eights, bro. He is a former World Heavyweight Champion and I think people forget that. He is an entertaining bro and wearing boring colors is certainly not making him live up to all he can be doing, bro. The bro can go... oh!!

4 - Samoa Joe - Not that people don't realize how dangerous or tough Joe is, but bro, he should be the face of IMPACT WRESTLING. The guy headlining our big shows. Who else is as agile as him for a big man? That's right, no one, bro. He's young and a smooth cat and should definitely be even a bigger star then he is, my bro. Oh!

3 - Knux - That's a name many may not be familiar with cause he is hidden in Aces and Eights but he's definitely a fierce competitor in the ring. He's huge, bro. Also he has a very dope background in the wrestling business and is well respected in the locker room, bro. He should be in way bigger positions than he is and given way more opportunities..

2 - Magnus - 25 years old, jacked, tan, good with the ladies, sick athlete, entertaining to listen to. He's a stud, enough said, bro.

1 - Robbie E – I'm at the top of my game. I'm super intense in the ring. Have I ever been in a bad match? I carried my bouncer for two years, bro. I'm ready. I need the opportunity to show I can go with anyone. I had a taste last year in the BFG series. Maybe 2012 wasn't my year but I keep getting better, bro. Robbie E 's time will come.

Until next week...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....this was my blog bro...

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