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Cruising At 65 MPH On A Pool Table

by AaronAhmadi   November 04, 2011 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,480
It's heating up for Ton and Allen! This week the Auction Hunters venture to the scorching hot desert city, Palm Springs. The city is known for its Hollywood past, upscale ambience, beautiful golf courses, and crystal blue skies, so the loot's gotta be good. Palm Springs is nicknamed "America's Desert Playground", but the boys weren't playing around this week, they mean business and were in it to win it, so let's see how they did.


When you hit storage unit auctions in Palm Springs, you're bound to run into a bunch of guys who call themselves "The Krazies." This rag-tag band of guys helps each other out to snag profitable auctions and squeeze newcomers out for good. And so the battle begins; the first unit up for auction seems so-so, and Ton and Allen start off bidding but lose it to a "krazie" at $300. Yep, these locals are tougher than they thought. The boys shrugged off the loss, however, because moments later they spot a "Grab Bag Unit," and man were the bids flying on this one. Finally, Allen wrestles this unit away from the locals for $200, hallelujah! Up next came an "Off-Road Unit" packed full of goodies, and this time the bidding was even tougher. The boys go to work on this auction, spitting rounds of ammo, err, bids, every chance they had. Finally, Allen takes this badboy home for $240, but those "krazies" certainly put up a great fight.


Sold For: $6,500 

Snazzy snare drum? Check. Digital keyboard? Check. Vinyl records? Check. Enter the "Grab Bag Unit": what seemed like a typical musician's storage unit turned into something else when Ton unveils the hood of what looks like 1965 red Mustang – but no, it's in fact a mustang pool table! Ton already knows this badboy can fetch some serious cash so the boys go to meet up with Dennis Rotino, gaming expert and collector. Dennis couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the beauty, and called it "the ultimate man cave table" – good news for our heroes, right? Dennis offers $5,500, but Allen's not having it, so he rolls up his sleeves and throws down a real deal: $5,600 for it if the Auction Hunters lose to Dennis in a pool game, but $6,500 if they win. Ton looks scared…but luckily, it was all an act, the big guy's been playing pool since he was knee-high. After sinking the last ball, Ton and Allen collect the $6,500 for the mustang pool table and walk off winners. Nothing like a little pool hustlin' in Palm Springs!


Sold For: $14,000

It may have been blazing hot in the desert city, but Ton and Allen didn't let that stop them – they were on a mission to find more lost treasure that day. Rummaging through their second storage unit, the "Off-Road Unit," they seemed to be finding some good stuff: first a car frame bender, then some off-road chest protectors. Well, there's only one logical thing that they could find next, a sandrail! Blue, shiny, and just aching to be used, this man toy could reach up to 400 horsepower and jump up to 10 feet into the air – can you say "awesome"? Ton and Allen travel to meet with a man that went by the name "The Animal"…wow is Palm Springs packed with characters or what? Well, he definitely looked like he rode a few too many sandrails under the sun for too long. The Animal tells the boys that he won't even bother with giving an offer unless he gets to ride it first, but Allen calls his bluff and knows this nut wants the sandrail no matter what. A little tough negotiating later, they make a deal for a cool $14,000 and The Animal takes the sandrail for a wild ride. Looks like intense heat can motivate potential buyers, heh, good to know!

So how did the boys do in the desert city this week? Well, they dropped $440 on two units, sold their items for a grand total of $21,420, and walked away with a monstrous profit of $20,980. One thing was for certain: it was worth putting up with the volcano-like weather in Palm Springs!

Why not see that 400 horsepower sandrail in action? Head over to Spike.com for this week's episode "Hot Wheels" now available online. As always, stay tuned to the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. New episodes featuring your favorite auction hunting hosts air Tuesdays at 10/9c.