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The BroBlog Unveils the Greatest Movies Ever

by Robbie E   March 22, 2012 at 2:30PM  |  Views: 2,595

What up, my dudes? I know you are all excited to be reading "Blowouts, Blings and Other Things" as it is def. your favorite part of the week! This week, I am going to reveal my five favorite movies of all time. Now this isn't something that comes to mind right away, bro. Picking my favorite movies of all time took weeks to think about, but now I have finally come up with the final copies and added them to THE LIST!

5. The 40 Year Old Virgin

A movie that was basically made about Eric Young's life. I mean come on, bro. Do you ever turn this movie off once it is on? No way. I know every word to it and it never gets old, my dude. Plus, Bigger Robbie T loves it, man.

4. Menace II Society

Now this movie should have featured Mexican America, bro. A touching gangsta movie that always makes me cry at the end. Oh, like you don't cry? The dude was trying to get out of the ghetto and got shot! Come on, man!!!

3. P.S. I Love You

I have to have a romantic movie as one of my favorites mainly because the chicks love romance. This movie has gotten me more girls than a Victoria's Secret seventy percent off sale, chief. Again it is another tearjerker and always leaves women wanting to cuddle. So this movie should become a favorite to all who are in need of some loving.

2. Billy Madison

Another great comedy movie that I have probably seen over 100 times and still makes me laugh to this day. I saw it in the movie theater with my brother when I was just a little dude and have loved it ever since. The dude gets to go back to school all over again, and that is something we all wish we could do at some point, y'know! Plus the 3rd grade teacher is dope!!!!

1. Major League

If ya don't love this movie, then something is just wrong with ya, bro. The sequels to this were terrible, but the original is like no other. Filled with fun, drama, etc. this movie has a little bit of everything.

Until next week… Peace out!!!!

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