Movie News to Talk About

September 3, 2008

So much is going on in the movie world right now, it's hard to know what to report and what to leave drifting through the world wide web. But a few interesting stories have surfaced that I think are worth mentioning.

For starters, it's looking like Fox and Warner Brothers might FINALLY reach a legal/financial detante vis a vis the release of the much anticipated Watchmen movie. Apparently an executive at Fox who will most likely not be receiving a Christmas bonus this year, Lawrence Gordon, told WB that all was well and good with the turnaround of Watchmen, when in fact Gordon was only the ward of the rights to that property, while Fox still owned them outright. One way or another, it's looking like all the girly screams about Watchmen not coming out until 2010 are premature, and WB simply has to spray a bit more money at this problem to make it go away.

Here is a pretty funny exclusive clip, posted by our buds at Cinematical, of the upcoming Jennifer Aniston/Steve Zahn film Management. Any clip involving Aniston's butt is alright with me, and this one is all about just that. Her butt.

Psyched about the new Bond film? You should be. But in the event that this movie has yet to pique your interest, take a gander at some awesome photos posted by the good folks over at DVD-Forum. Casino Royale was excellent. These pictures lead one to believe Quantum Of Solace, its nonsensical title notwithstanding, might just be more excellent still.

The Dark Knight went and topped $500 million in a record 45 days. It took the sinking, stinking Titanic 91 days to pass the same mark. Dark Knight is set to topple every movie record ever at this rate -- and it's set 14 records already. I guess now would be as good a time as any to urge you to get out there and watch it if you haven't already, if only to do your part in helping Dark Knight destroy the Titanic. It's been ten years, people. Shouldn't we have sunk that boat by now?

Why is it that everything good must suffer the futile attempts of studios to remake it, only to remake it worse? Well, that's exactly what might happen with Poltergeist. The pepes at Hollywoodreporter are talking about Vadim Perelman negotiating with MGM to remake it. Is it just me, or does the original stand on its own? I'm really not sure what this film would gain in the remaking. It would be pretty hard to top Spielberg's movie (directed by Tobe Hooper). Here's hoping this negotiation ends in fisticuffs.