Last Family On Earth Hits SPIKE This Fall

June 5, 2012

If the world will really come to an apocalyptic end on December 21, at least one lucky family will have a state-of-the-art bunker to crash in – that is if they are the winners of SPIKE's latest reality series, Last Family On Earth.

Premiering this fall on SPIKE, Last Family On Earth is a six-episode one-hour series that will have families compete with each other every week in challenges that will put the contestants' physical and mental strengths to the test. As cool as it is to just have an expert panel of judges determine who goes home to face the impending world's doom and who moves on to maybe stay at a bunker, the fans at home will also get a chance to say who goes and who stays via social media. If that's not enough, the contestants won't just be tested through the Mayan description of the apocalypse, but also through tons of scenarios such as a pandemic, nuclear war, reactor meltdowns, solar flares, massive asteroids, and even more disastrous situations. Of course, the finale will have a happy family move into their bunker, built by Vivos, right before the world's predicted demise on December 21. Details regarding host, casting, and challenges will be announced this summer. Click here to get more info about applying.

Last Family on Earth is produced by Pilgrim Studios for Spike TV. Craig Piligian is Executive Producer. Ralph Wikke, Mitch Rosa, Ken Schur and Jason Adler are Co-Executive Producers. Sharon Levy is Spike TV's Executive Vice President, Original Series, Tim Duffy is Senior Vice President, Original Programming, and Chris Rantamaki oversees production of Last Family on Earth, and is Vice President of Original Programming for Spike TV.

Source: Justin Horrocks/Getty Images