The Auction Hunters Carve Up Race Tracks

April 8, 2012
Lights, camera, auction! Which city's got a boatload of Hollywood production equipment? You guessed it: Burbank, CA. The city that makes the magic happen was the stop for the Auction Hunters this week, but did they pull through? Well, let's let the facts speak for themselves:


Sold For: $8,100

A mid-century tire, old steel racing rim, and towing equipment? The "Mechanic Unit" smelled like money to the boys. Underneath all the rubble Allen uncovered what looked like some sort of racer car. Ton examined the bullet car and knew the beast could be worth enough money to make their day, so he suggested they meet up with Del and Bobby, a pair of vintage race car collectors. These guys knew how to restore old hotrods and were enthusiastic to see what Ton and Allen brought for them. As they popped open the hood of the race car, they couldn't believe how old the engine was. If this car was in mint condition, Del and Bobby said it could've fetched $40,000, but as it sat, it wasn't worth more than $7,000 to them. Allen told the race car enthusiasts that $8,000 is what he wanted, as well as a chance to ride it. Unfortunately, riding that dusty old race car thing would put it out of commission, so Del and Bobby agreed to buy it for $8,100, but let Allen ride another race car instead. A race car's a race car, right? A few pumps of the gas pedal later, Allen was off, hauling ass on the race track.

Burbank was definitely a blockbuster for the Auction Hunters this week, because they only dropped $1,200 on two units, sold the contents inside for $17,870, and drove off with a whopping $16,670 in profit. Now that's magic!

Here's a video that'll make your day: Allen carving up a racetrack! Go to for this week's episode "Auction Hunter Shuffle" now available online and check it out. If you're wondering what's next for the Auction Hunters, check out the Facebook fan page and stay tuned for all-new episodes on Wednesdays at 9/8c.