Mantenna - Wednesday, March 25

March 25, 2009

M.I.A. fills in for Amy Winehouse at Coachella, Prince releases three albums on one day, and how to get any girl you want,'s the Mantenna!

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M.I.A. to fill in for Amy Winehouse at Coachella

It’s official. M.I.A. will be hitting the Coachella stage in place of Amy Winehouse, who was forced to cancel her appearance at the festival after being denied a work visa this past week. M.I.A. will perform at the California festival on Saturday, April 18th. She vented her glee on her Twitter page stating: "im doing coachella mannnnnnnnnnnnn! oooooooo>>>>>>>> see yall there." Indeed. [Paste]

Prince Releases Three Albums in One Day

Prince has defied the odds again by releasing a trio of new albums all at the same time. Prince has officially dropped the rock LP LOtUSFLOW3R, the electronic-infused MPLSoUND, and the poppy, normally-capitalized Elixer. The albums are available today as free downloads to fans who pay the $77 annual membership fee for his new website. The three discs will be sold exclusively at Target starting Sunday in an $11.98 bundle. [USA Today]

How to Get Any Girl

Neil Strauss and his methods of seduction are for suckas.  Marina Cockenberg of CollegeHumor has got the skinny on how to snag yourself your dream lady in five easy steps.  It doesn’t have anything to do with wearing an interesting piece of clothing like goggles either.  Hint: it does have to do with Facebook.  Head over to College Humor to get the full story. [CollegeHumor]
A Japanese Cardboard Killer

There aren’t that many murders in Japan, so when there is one, people freak the hell out.  There has been an unsolved murder there for two years, and the suspect in question has been on the lam that entire time.  Now Tokyo police have invigorated their search for this suspected killer by making life-sized, talking versions of him and posting them around the city. [Gizmodo]

Tom Hanks Becomes Major Matt Mason


Source: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/WireImage/Getty Images

Since Universal made a deal with Mattel they've been developing all sorts of movie ideas based on toys -- which is why we'll soon have a Stretch Armstrong movie. Now there's a project in the works that Tom Hanks is going to star in and produce based off the toy Major Matt Mason, the leader of a bunch of astronauts living on a space station on the moon. Strangely, this toy was sold during the 1960s and retired in 1969, so just who exactly the audience will be for this movie is unclear. But Tom Hanks is going to be in it, so how bad could it really be? ...right? []

Blockbuster to Stream Movies Through TiVo

Blockbuster announced today that they’re going to allow TiVo users to download content from their digital library to their TiVo boxes for viewing using the Blockbuster On Demand system.  Initially, 10,000 movies will be available for download to subscribers, and can be watched before they are finished downloading to the TiVo unit. []

Florida Teen Suspended for Farting on School Bus

A bus driver in Lakeland, Florida suspended an eighth grade student after his recurring flatulence caused the other passengers uncontrollable disruptive laughter and filled the bus will a stench foul enough to make breathing unpleasant. Farty-pants McGee was issued a three day suspension while claiming the trouser trumpets were not his own. It may be crude, but causing a cheese wagon meltdown by way of methane bombs is something a normal eighth grade boy should be proud to put on his scholastic resume. What gives, Sunshine State? [Washington Examiner]

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