Worst First Date Ever

September 1, 2009

A 23-year-old Detroit man is a contender for the world’s worst first date after he literally dined and dashed.

Terrance McCoy took April, age 24, out for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and ended up leaving her stuck with the bill and carless. A first date chomping on hot wings should have been a red flag!!

The two had met two weeks earlier at a Detroit casino and hit it off. She knew McCoy as “Chris” and they organized to go out on a date. The woman told police that once the restaurant bill arrive McCoy said he’d left his wallet in her car. He asked April for her keys so he could retrieve it and ended up retrieving her car. The last April saw of McCoy was him speeding away in her 2000 Chevrolet Impala.

Luckily for April she’ kept a photograph of McCoy which he had sent her, as well as his phone number. Police were quickly able to identify him and it didn’t take long for him to be in police custody. He was later charged with unlawfully taking the car, a felony charge and could face up to 5 years in prison.

Source: Aline Maurice/Taxi/Getty Images

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