Dark Knight Sequel Looming?

April 3, 2009

Michael Caine recently spoke about the third Batman film, and when he expects it to be released.

He doesn't sound super optimistic about when it's hitting theaters. And since writer/director Christopher Nolan has a new film in the works, Inception, it's pretty clear he's not rushing the next Batman installment.

Caine said this about the approach of Batman 3:

All I know is that Christopher Nolan, who writes and directs Batman is doing a picture called Inception, and I’m not in it. So I think another Batman film is a long long way off. Long Way. I would say three years, must be.

That's going to depress a lot of Batman fans, but there's no way around it. Not that we want Nolan to throw together the third film, but 2012 is plenty of time to get expectations for the third film very high.

The question is, will Inception be enough to keep us distracted?

Source: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images