Navy Pilot Pulls Up At the Last Second, Saves Sailors

October 6, 2011

Imagine a Camaro tuned to lightning speed. Everything about it is designed for absolute sheer speed. This is a vehicle designed to go ripping down the highway at speeds that strain even the best engines.

Now imagine you've got to park it by drifting into a space. Oh, and also you need to avoid pedestrians at the last possible second.

Now you know how hard it is to pull off something like this:

Yeah, that's what we call in real life "a near-miss", or if you're the guy who had a fighter jet fly less than ten feet over his head, a "brown pants" moment.

What's particularly amazing about this? The pilot had no way of seeing the sailors running onto the deck. The control tower spotted them and told him to pull up, which he did, all within the space of about a second.

You see, this is why you don't mess with the military.

Source: YouTube