Hauling Grass In Baton Rouge

June 10, 2012
Ton and Allen headed deep, deep down south this week hoping to conquer Baton Rouge, LA. Having the ninth largest port in the United States, the boys knew exactly what they came for: southern treasure. The question remained, however, who else was?


Sold For: $4,000

Who needs a car in the south when you can speed down the field on a lawn mower? And by lawn mower, I mean racing lawn mower. The Auction Hunters found not one, but two of these badboys. It looked like Ton and Allen's journey to the gulf coast was starting to get a lot more interesting when they met up with Ronny, a lawn mower racer himself. The southern gentleman informed our heroes that these things could potentially whizz down a field of grass at 50mph, and he was just loving these two lawn mowers. As a result, Ton, Allen, and Ronny made a deal to swap the racing lawn mowers for $4,000 in cash. Even better, the boys got to sit behind the wheels of these babies and see what they were made of.

Baton Rouge may have had a small auction for Ton and Allen, but the results were big, big, big. The boys threw down $500 for two units that they won, sold the contents in side for $8,980, and pulled in $8,510 in profit as a result. Looks like they finally hit southern treasure.

Forget about racing souped-up hotrod and hop on a souped-up racing lawn mower instead – it's loads of fun. Don't believe it? Check out this week's episode, "Voodoo Moola" and see for yourself. Also, don't be a stranger, come on over to the Auction Hunters Facebook page to see what adventures the boys will get into next week! Don't forget to catch all-new episodes of Auction Hunters airing Wednesdays at 9/8c on SPIKE.