Monster Blog: Fishing for Answers

by gdesanctis   July 29, 2009 at 7:16PM  |  Views: 116

Hello, everyone once again. I come to you this week writing my blog as I am fishing along the shores of the Ohio River.  You see, Abyss needs and wants some relaxing downtime to gather his thoughts, too. 

Nothing does it for me like fishing. I haven't caught anything yet, but the day is still young.  By now, most of you have seen my new ring attire. I am no longer needing or going to therapy. I am who I am and no one is going to change that, whether it's Dr. Stevie or any other person in the world. I am Abyss and nobody can change that.  My new ring attire is my favorite "going out" clothes.  It truly represents my lifestyle and how I was brought up.  I'm not much of a going out person as it is, so I'm not going to be wearing sport coats and dress shoes.  My gear reflects who the real Abyss is -- a smart, simple, and complex guy who loves pain and violence.  But it takes some provoking to get me to that point. My bestest girl ever Lauren has taught me that not all people are bad and that I need to be nice and show my big heart around people that are not threatening to me.  Now that I've rid myself of Dr. Stevie and paid him back for all that he did to me and Lauren, I wonder what's next for the Monster Abyss????  We will find out this Thursday on iMPACT.  I'm so excited to see where this crazy ride takes me next.
Speaking about crazy rides, have any of you gone to your favorite amusement park yet this summer?? I did. I went to Kings Island in Ohio last week and I had such a good time.  Everyone there seemed to be in such a good and fun mood.  I hadn't been to an amusement park in a long time and almost forgot how much fun they can be.  Except for one thing.....I couldn't ride over half the rides there because I was too tall or too big.  That kinda hurt the Monster's feelings a little bit as I watched all the other boys and girls enjoy some wild-looking rollercoasters. But don't feel too bad for me, 'cause I was able to sneak away to the cherry slushy stand and enjoyed an awesome cherry freeze.
Hey, have you seen or experienced the ABYSS CLAP yet???  It's going to be the new craze in pro wrestling I think.  I clap when anything goes my way in the ring.  My clap is a little unorthodox as I clap like a child. I love it because I love thinking like a child would think sometimes, don't we all???  The great fans of TNA are starting to do the ABYSS CLAP with me.....that's awesome. Thank you all and keep it up.  Let's all do the ABYSS CLAP.

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