What im going to do next

January 19, 2011


Dear Fellow DW fans,

I really thought a long time what i was going to do when i was finished with the fights and as i feel it. Zuko versus Shang Tsung was a good end to the fights of the warriors.  I am not going to quitte wrting, but i am going to change it. I will write and post a story for you guys, in parts. That story will be about a man who has a time machine (how original, i know) this man also owns a big tv station and captures warriors troughout history and will match them up with each other. unknown is that this man has some darker intentions.

How will this work, basicly, all the ancient warriors i have used will be captured, and forced to fight each other in a little tournement. The stadium switches and for example warriors could fight in a mordern mall. Also they all will recieve earpieces, making them able to understand theur guards and each other. The better warrior will not always win and if i feel that for the sake of the story, i want the Maori to beat a Knight or samurai, he will beat him even though in a real fight it will not happen. 

I will not compare weapons anymore, only focusing on the story, within and outside of the arena.

I hope i made my intentions clear and you guys understand what i mean. If there are questions, just ask them and if you know a good title, just tell me.


The Update:

Ive decided to include horses but not chariots. So the celt and immortal will fight on foot while warriors like Mongol, Commance etc. fight on horse, untill the horse dies, then they are forced to continue the rest of the tournement on foot. I will include no named warriors but merely the warrior class. Like a Zulu warrior, a hun warrior etc.