Men Prefer Food Over Sex

June 25, 2009

What would you rather have, a juicy hamburger or a night of sex with your lady friend? A new survey shows that the majority of men prefer the hamburger over a roll in the sack.

A study in Australia by an ice cream manufacturer asked 10,000 men to rank the everyday experiences that give them pleasure. Guys Down Under rated taste sensation as their top pleasure-trigger. Physical arousal, which included sex, came in fourth. The results were calculated through a “pleasure quotient test.”

The test also found that men gain more pleasure from food and in life in general than women. Dr. David Haynes, a professor at the University of South Australia, said, "Women are more into values as a whole and men are into bottom lines and logic - but why that would give one more pleasure from food or from life in general - I can't imagine.”

One reason guys may experience more pleasure from food is because they don’t traditionally prepare it. Haynes says, “When you've spent a couple of hours cooking, you don't actually get that much pleasure from eating it - but if you have just come in from work, been sat down and given a nice bowl of food - that's different.” Another reason dudes might prefer food is because they get it more regularly than sex.

I prefer both at the same time. Which do you prefer?

Source: Donna Day/Stone/Getty Images