Preview The Ultimate Fighter Two-Hour Special

December 2, 2009

The Ultimate Fighter returns this Wednesday with the final, two-hour episode, featuring four fights, one last twist and a lot of facial hair. The action kicks off at the special time of 9pm/8c but catch a sneak peek of Marcus Jones’ freak-out, see what’s up Scott junk’s eye, and get a breakdown of Darrill Schoonover’s matchup with Marcus Jones right now.

We’re still waiting to see if Matt Mitrione’s injuries are serious enough to knock him out of the competition. If his headaches and swollen brain matter prove to be too much to handle, Kimbo is itching to step in and take a shot at James McSweeney. In mean time, Schoonover will definitely take on Marcus Jones for a spot in the quarterfinals, so here’s a heads-up on what to look for in that matchup.

Schoonover looked pretty good in his domination of Zak Jensen, but don’t forget that he was fighting Zak Jensen – not exactly the baddest man on the planet. He did some good things, though; he showed aggression and ferocity, he took a few good shots, and put Jensen to sleep with a triangle choke, albeit the ugliest choke since 3pm at the monkey bars.

Marcus Jones, on the other hand, is a straight beast and I’m not sure aggression and sloppy triangle chokes will be enough to topple the gentle giant. In fact, I’m not sure Schoonover’s legs will fit around Marcus’ neck. The biggest weakness I’ve seen – err, let’s call it a potential weakness – is Marcus’ stamina. It takes a lot of energy to put a body as big as Big Baby’s into motion and I’m just not sure he has a big enough gas tank to make it through a full fight. 

Schoonover’s jiu-jitsu is questionable, but so is Jones.’ If Darrill can get Marcus on the mat and avoid an over-powering submission for long enough to wear out the Darkness he should be able to start exposing Marcus’ shortcomings on the ground.  A smart gameplan could win this fight for Schoonover – as long as he doesn’t get his head ripped off in the process.

Be sure to tune in Saturday night for The Ultimate Finale live on Spike at 9pm!  


Source: UFC