Another iPhone Prototype Found in the Wild

May 12, 2010

Somebody at Apple apparently forgot to send out the memo about not losing their super secret iPhone prototypes, because another lost next-gen iPhone has been discovered in Vietnam, and this one brings with it the confirmation of new model specs and details.

Unlike the first prototype that was lost in a bar in Redwood City, California, this one is not only functional, but looks to be the final version of new phone, complete with a "16GB" specification on the back and the absence of the unsightly screws found on the bottom of the other phone.

Dissection of this phone confirms that the next iPhone will be powered by a version of Apple's A4 chip, the same chip used in the iPad, and with the screen functioning this time around, it's been confirmed that the resolution is getting a significant bump.

With the announcement only a few weeks away, it's a very strong possibility that this phone is exactly what we'll be seeing in Steve Job's hands come June 7th at Apple's WWDC.



Source: Gizmodo