iPhone 4 Launches Today, But Not Without Drama

June 24, 2010

It's become an annual tradition: Apple launches a new version of the iPhone, Apple fanatics line up en masse to buy them, AT&T's order database servers buckle under the load, and nerd rage ensues. This year though, the nerd rage is more about the performance of the device itself rather than the carrier providing service. Whaa?

Along with sporadic reports of screen issues, the more distressing (and widespread) reports indicate that the reception with the new smartphone may actually be worse than that of previous generation iPhones, perhaps in part to a design flaw or software glitch associated with the built-in antenna which surrounds the outside of the device, as shown in the video below:


Some speculate that this may be simply a software glitch, but some pundits in the gadget world who've already had their hands on the device for a day or so by way of the early ship dates of pre-ordered phones indicate that the reception is in fact a big issue for the phone, even at this early stage in the game. Is Apple's name and aesthetic enough to keep customers coming back despite these functionality issues?

Source: Gizmodo

Photo: Apple