#RepoGames Moves To A New Time, Tuesdays at 11/10c!

May 24, 2011

Calling all Repo fans! Spike TV is giving you a new reason to stay up late: new episodes of Repo Games are now airing on Tuesdays at 11/10c. So maybe this means you can get all those car bills paid before popping on tonight's episode...?

As always, follow @SPIKE_TV on Twitter during the episode for trivia and the chance to win prizes! And don't forget to tweet about #RepoGames, as we'll be collecting the best fan tweets for a roundup soon. Here's a few entertaining tweets for inspiration:

@toriface_10: Watching repo games.. Way better than Maury

@Musical_Child: "You don't shut the door on Josh Lewis!" .. Ahh #RepoGames is HIGH-LARIOUS xD

@msallthat1: #RepoGames to bad my vehicle not in default so I can answer these easy questions...damm LOL

@downfalldiamond: omg. #repogames, makes me so happy

Check out Repo Games video clips, photos, full episodes and more at repogames.spike.com, and don't forget to tune-in for a new episode tonight at 11/10c!