12 Tattoos That Gotta Go

May 15, 2013
Tattoo Nightmares returns for a new season on May 28 at 10/9c. The artists on this show are miracle workers, having to make something tasteful and artsy out of shocking aberrations and, perhaps worse, the tattoo equivalent of trendy pedestrian garbage.

If you like a tattoo on someone, that's great! But it's probably not a good idea to get the same tattoo as them, even if it's a good one. And it's DEFINITELY not a good idea to get a tattoo that everybody and their cross-eyed Uncle gets during the course of a single drunken summer hanging out on the boardwalk.

Trends come and go. Ink on the other hand…well, it may not be forever, but with the cost and complications involved in getting it fixed or removed, it might as well be. Thankfully, we're your friends. That's right, folks: Spike.com cares about you. That's why we've compiled this list of tattoos you should avoid getting at all costs.

You're welcome.


Image: Eduardo Antonio Fuentes/Getty Images

This trend may have started when white guys started taking martial arts and decided that the whole of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other Southeast Asian cultures were defined primarily on what style of martial arts developed from them. That's objectively incorrect and subjectively racist. Getting a Chinese character tattooed on you when you're not actually Chinese may not be intentionally racist, but it sure is dumb. Hey, if you saw a guy that walked around with the word "WATER" tattooed on his forearm in Times New Roman font, wouldn't you think that was stupid? Well that's what some of you have, and trust us, it is. We are all laughing at you.


Getting a tattoo is a means of expression. It may express the wants, needs, desires, and hopes of the person wearing the tattoo or it may be a means for the artist doing the tattoo to express himself using a willing canvas. Or, in an ideal scenario, it's a combination of both. Unfortunately, too many people see it as buying a shirt off the rack. But you should have more respect for it and the form. Not just because it's permanent, but because of the work and expertise that goes into a truly good tattoo. A good rule of thumb is if you can see it on the wall of a tattoo parlor while walking by outside, you shouldn't get it on your person.

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