Play-by-Play, Second Set of Semis

December 4, 2008

Krzysztof/Vinny, Round 1:

So far, the stand up game consists of a few air bombs and missed high kicks, but Vinny easily takes Krzysztof to the ground on his first attempt. Vinny Climbs Krzy like a tree, wraps his legs and pulls him down to the mat, with Krzy landing in full guard and Vinny already in position to attempt a triangle choke. He lands a few elbows on Krzy's dome. Ouch. Krzysztof escapes and invites Vinny to stand and trade. Kindly, he obliges. Vinny is holding back his strikes but Krzy isn't landing much in the way of damaging blows either. The action heats up a little as both fighters fire off some high kicks and twice Vinny falls to back, but Krzy stays on his feet, until Vinny again climbs the tree and Krzy down into his guard. From there it's only a few seconds until Vinny slips in the arm bar and Krzy taps at 1:15 of the first.


Round 1:

Efrain take Junie down effortlessly and attempts some sort of pseudo guillotine from the top, but Junie fends it off. Junie gets it back to the feet. Efrain seems happy with the change. Efrain lands a solid left that sends Junie staggering back. A little surprisingly, Junie shoots in for a takedown. Not surprisingly, he gets stuffed, but he does mange to pin Efrain up against the cage for a while. Efrain breaks free and they engage in some exchanges in the center of the cage. Frank Mir is giving himself an aneurism yelling out, "Three strikes" but Junie ignores him. Not much else of note in the first round.

Round 2:

Junie ignores more advice from his corner to fire his strikes in sets of three, but he is a little more aggressive in the opening seconds of the second frame. He lands a mean right, directly on the chin of Escudero, but he brushes it off. Junie now appears to have blown his wad; he's much more sluggish than he was earlier and his hands are hanging lower. This may be the beginning of the end. Efrain scores a takedown and lays on Junie for a while. This frustrates him. In the mean time, Efrain is firing vicious elbows to the body and leg of Junie. Has to hurt. Efrain sinks in a choke and Junie taps at 1:34. Not a big surprise.