Bikini Poll of the Week: Christina Milian

July 25, 2008


Christina Milian has many talents. She’s a recording artist, record producer, dancer, actress and MTV VJ. She also looks great in a bikini. This summer the singer who brought us hits such as “AM to PM” and “Say I” has been spending a lot of time at the beach and wearing an array of bikinis, which means it’s time for another Bikini Poll.

Which bikini does Christina Milian look hottest in?

Bikini #1


The New Jersey native steps out the pool showing off her powerful legs. She has an intense look on her face, like she is thinking of the next plot development in the book she is writing. That’s not a joke. She is writing a book.

Bikini #2


Christina looks terrific here. Singer Joss Stone once described Milian as a “highly paid stripper” and from the looks of it she totally deserves to be paid bundles of money. Stone later apologized and said that Milian "was so sweet about forgiving me". Sweet and sexy. Wow!!

Bikini #3


Yikes. This bikini looks like it’s painted on. This reminds me of a line from Milian’s song Say I ; which goes “You are now witnessing the fliest shit in the world / I can’t think of nothing else to say”. Couldn’t of said it better myself!

Now vote!


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