The Recession Does a Drive-by on Hip-Hop

February 23, 2009

With the music industry being one of the hardest hit victims of the recession, even flashy rappers and MCs have been forced to change their spending habits and lifestyle. XXL Magazine recently hit up some of the biggest names in the game and got some pretty amazing quotes on the subject.

From XXL:

Saigon: Has the recession affected me? Nah I wouldn’t say so. I don’t think the recession affects any poor people – people who grew up poor – cause we’d been in a recession since we was born. When has there not been a recession in the hood

Young Jeezy: I mean, I probably cut back on some of my spending habits, you know what I’m sayin’? Not really habits, but it’s probably some things that I always want that I don’t need, so I’m cutting back on the extra stuff…Wants and needs are two different things, nah mean? So I’m focusing more on what I need.

Akon: I’ve been very blessed to be in a situation where music and fashion is always recession proof in a lot of different ways, because it’s really what we turn to when we’re going through hard times. If I got to the point where the recession actually affected me I would cut back on all them cars I got. I would start selling them if I can. That’s the only thing I spend more than I have to on. Only cause it’s my fetish and I just love cars, but I already know it in my mind that I won’t buy it if I ain’t ready to let it go tomorrow. I know at the end of the day, my hustler mentality if I have to survive, that car is out of here, straight up.

Buckshot: There is no such thing as a recession, the recession is an illusion. And people like Buckshot and Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton and Bill Gates and all of these other people that deal with corporate business, we all know that it’s an illusion, it’s a scare tactic and it’s meant to do what it’s been doing to people.”

Pusha T: If you’re asking me have I felt the recession, look, let me tell you that I’m so happy at gas prices right now, and this is something that I’ve never in my life noticed. Some things you just chalk up like, what, it has to go in the car. But it was so bad that it had me thinking like, ‘Damn, am I really gonna drive uptown?’ So I definitely felt it.

E-40: It’s the ripple effect. If there ain’t no money out there in the streets, any money out there for our audience to go buy our music, then our sales go down. That affects our pockets. A dude might be financially comfortable or whatever, but then you have people that’s affiliated with you that might be going through it. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice and come out the pocket. They think it won’t hurt you, but in a way if you do with four, five different people, it do affect. It’s life in general. Everybody getting it right now as far as this recession. Right now, it’s either feast or famine. You’re either eating or you ain’t, so you gotta hold on like a hubcap in a fast lane. The strong gon be able to survive.

Big Daddy Kane: Not really because I don’t ball out like that anyway. I’m not a kid no more, those days are long gone. The silly stuff like that isn’t even important anymore, so I don’t think I’m doing too much differently.

Tru Life: Oh nah, that shit [recession] ain’t touched me not a bit. It ain’t a game man. I just bought 4 or 5 brand new black cars and only because I felt like the haters thought I was doing bad or something. Now it looks like a funeral when I pull up. They just saw me being humble, I’m a real humble dude. You know I live by my needs, I don’t really live outside of my needs.

Source: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images