Deadliest Warrior: Rajput vs Samurai

August 6, 2010



Close Range: Katana vs Khanda: Katana due to its faster swing and manuverability of the sword.It also has an amazing slicing power as strong as a Khanda.


Medium Range: Naginata vs Aara Coil Sword: Naginata due to its cutting power and higher chance of lethality than the Aara coil Sword.


Long Range: Yumi Bow and Arrow vs Chakram: Chakram due to its faster and accurate hitting power. A bit faster than the bow and arrow and has no required reload time.


Special Weapons: Kanabo vs Katar punching daggers: Katar Punching daggers due to its higher chance of lethality and wonderful claw like features.



The Battle:


The Rajput is walking around the barren waste land checking for unusual enemies while carrying his shield and Aara coil sword with him. Meanwhile, the Samurai spots the enemy Rajput and prepares his Yumi bow and aim at the enemy. The Rajput sees the Samurai and uses his shield to prevent him from getting hit by the arrow. The arrow lands on his shield with great impact. The Rajput runs away from the distance in order to avoid another hit. The Samurai fires another arrow and misses the Rajput once again. The Samurai runs down the hill and chases the enemy Rajput. The Rajput came prepare this time he drew the Chakram and throws it into the Samurai. It hits the Samurai armor knocking him down for a bit, The Rajput comes running down and prepares to attack the Samurai enemy. The Samurai manages to get up and loads the Yumi bow and shoots it immediately. It hits the Rajput’s left arm forcing him to drop his shield to the ground. The Rajput pulls the Arrow out and charges with his Aara coil sword. The Samurai gets his Naginata and proceeds to attack the Rajput as well.


Both warriors clashed together, The Rajput swings his Aara Sword coil very violently in order to hit the samurai and kill him on the spot. The Samurai moves swiftly and fast in order to avoid the weapon and strike with his Naginata. The Samurai slashes the Rajput armor and damages his armor. The Rajput then proceeds to use the Aara and wrap it around the Naginata in order to disarm the samurai which was done successfully. The Samurai then proceeds to tackle the Rajput disarming his Aara to the floor. The Samurai manages to land a powerful blow on the Rajput’s face and immediately gets up after that punch. The Samurai picks up his Naginata and Pierces the Rajput’s Solid leather and chainmail armor. The Rajput screams in pain and pushes the Samurai away from him. The Rajput removes the Naginata stuck on his body and breaks it in half using his powerful knee strike. The Samurai manages to retrieve his Kanabo club and attacks the Rajput with it. The Samurai keeps missing shots after shots meanwhile; the Rajput manages to draw his dual Katar punching daggers and slowly finds an opening to attack his foe. After missing another shot from the Kanabo, The Rajput manages to Punch the Katar dagger into the Samurai armor. The Samurai yells in pain and elbows the Rajput’s head in order to avoid another strike from the katar. The Katar manages to punch a hole in the armor but not penetrate and hit a major organ in the samurai warrior. Meanwhile the Rajput attacks the samurai again with another blow from the Katar, This time the Samurai manages to lift the Kanabo and swings it to the target and devastates the Rajput warrior sending him to the floor. The Samurai prepares to swing the Kanabo in order to finish his Rajput foe that is lying down on the floor. The Samurai Swings and hits nothing but the soil. And the Rajput manages to puncture the Samurai’s Leg with the Katar. The Samurai then proceeds to remove the Katar from his leg with so much pain and drops his kanabo club in the process.


The Rajput pulls out his Khanda Sword revealing it to his foe, The Samurai poses into a Stance and prepares to drew his Katana next to his Wakizashi short sword. Both warriors crossed swords again in order to kill one another.  The Rajput misses when he swings his Khanda around. The Samurai manages to land the Katana on the already wounded left arm of his foe. The Rajput strikes back by grabbing the Samurai by the neck and raises his Khanda sword one handed and prepares to finish his foe. The Samurai manages to Thrust the Katana into the Rajput in order to release him. The Rajput gets on his knees with blood pouring down from his mouth.  The Samurai manages to raise his Katana and swings in violently. The Rajput was immediately decapitated with the swing of the  katana sword. The Samurai returns his Katana to his scabbard and walks away limping from his leg wound.





Khanda: 210


Aara: 16


Chakram: 59


Katar: 109






Katana: 306


Naginata: 104


Yumi bow and arrow: 66


Kanabo: 12





the Samurai emerge Victorious due to his armor and training that stood up against the skills and furiousness of India’s Rajput warrior.