Deadliest Warrior Tournament Finale

March 12, 2010

Deadliest Warrior Tournament Finale

Deadliest Warrior is coming back, and so am I. DW season 2 begins April 20th and I'll be back to give my predictions before, during, and after the season. Two match ups for next season have already been announced and I'm going to post my thoughts and research on these warriors starting next week, but first there's a little unfinished business from my DW tournament.

The U.S. Navy SEALs won the Modern Division of my tournament thanks to a versatile arsenal of long range weapons and outstanding battle tactics, with the British Royal Ghurkha Rifles earning the runner up spot.

All that remains now is to crown a champion of the Ancient Division between the Spanish Conquistador and European Knight.

Conquistador vs. Knight
This battle will be steel on steel and European vs. European as the conquerors of the New World meet the defenders of the Old World.

Spanish Conquistadors were brutal mercenaries and brilliant tacticians whose mandate was to bring civilization and the word of God to the New World, but instead they conquered and plundered an entire continent.

Knights were the elite armored strike force among Medieval European armies. As the champions of Kings, Knights endured strict training and excruciating hardships that also made them incredibly tough in battle. They had no fear of death and fought without mercy, because they believed their opponents were unbelievers and barbarians.

Steel vs. Plate Steel
Conquistadors wore a steel breastplate, steel helmet and leather coat while the Knight wore plate steel from head to toe with chain mail and other padding underneath. Edge: Knight

Close Combat
Saber vs. Longsword
The Spanish Saber was made of excellent steel and could be used to slash or stab, but it was not a very heavy weapon and would have trouble defeating plate armor. The Longsword was a heavy, yet versatile, sword that could easily hack apart the unarmored arms and legs of a Conquistador. Edge: Knight.

Horse & Lance vs. Halberd
The Spanish lance was designed to mow down armored infantry and could pierce even plate armor with a direct strike. The Halberd was a multi-use weapon that was often used as a defense against mounted enemies, but it was not as effective as a pike for stopping cavalry charges. Edge: Conquistador

Long Range
Crossbow vs. Crossbow
The European crossbow was well documented in its range, accuracy, and penetrating power, and could kill either warrior in the fight. it's a good thing that both warriors have one. Edge: Even

Harquebus vs. Flail
The Harquebus is less accurate than the crossbow, but it had even greater penetrating power. The flail was a powerful short range weapon designed to smash armor and rend flesh. It's hard to compare these weapons, but the Harquebus gets the edge for long-range lethality. Edge: Conquistador

The Conquistador finishes a perfect 6-0 by narrowly defeating the Knight, who had everything he needed to beat the Conquistador except for a defense against the technological superiority of the Harquebus. All hail the conquerors from Spain who are truly the Deadliest Warriors thanks to their combination of cunning, mobility and technology.

(Kill Estimates)
Kills  Conquistador  Knight
Close       60        100   
Mid        200        160
Long       150        150
Special    100         80       
Total      510        490

WINNER: Conquistador

OVERALL WINNERS: US NAVY SEALs (Modern Division), Spanish Conquistador (Ancient Division)

DW Tournament Overall Records

-Modern Division
4-0 U.S. Navy Seals (c1989)
3-1 British Royal Gurkhas (c1984)
3-2 Russian Spetsnaz (c2000)

2-2 Irish Republican Army (c1990)
2-2 Boer Commandos (c1898)
1-2 Afghan Taliban (c2004)
1-2 U.S. Rough Riders (c1895)
1-2 Sicilian Mafia (c1930)
0-2 U.S. Green Berets (c2001)
0-2 Japanese Yakuza (c1946)

-Ancient Division
6-0 Spanish Conquistador (c1520)
4-1 Scottish Highlander (1297)
3-1 Persian Immortal (c500 BC)
4-2 European Knight (c1200)
3-2 Japanese Samurai (c1000)

2-2 Apache Warrior (1800)
2-2 Spartan Warrior (c500 BC)
2-2 Mongol Warrior (c1220)
1-2 Scandinavian Viking (c1000)
1-2 Zulu Warrior (c1826)
1-2 Egyptian Charioteer (c1400 BC)
1-2 Caribbean Pirate (c1720)
1-2 Shaolin Monk (c1600)
1-2 Aztec Jaguar (c1520)
0-2 Chinese Zhou Charioteer (c1000 BC)
0-2 Maori Warrior
0-2 Japanese Ninja
0-2 Roman Gladiator