Blackest Night comics 1-4

November 23, 2009

Holy Shit! If you are not reading Blackest Night, Why do you have eyes. The story is great!! I have read comics and like most people I have a Favortive title. Mine is Green Lantern. I just like the hero and how he acts. Plus his powers and bad ass. Come on, you know you too would want a ring that can make anything and also be albe to fly. Blackest Night is an 8 part comic storyline which has to do with everyone in the DC universe and green lantern is in the middle of it. Black Rings fall to earth a make the dead rise. Seeing dead heroes like aquaman and dead villains is cool too. I will not spoil the story but I have to say after the first 4 issues I am hooked and you will be too.

-Mark Korim