Frogman417 Vs TheTrueRoker Vs deadliestwarrior_kelly Vs JHanson712

December 30, 2010

Hello This Is Frogman417 And Have Made A Four Way Blog Writer Battle.

Frogman417:Dual Hunter's Knifes,War Hammer,Thrown Bowie Knife,Sling,Short Axe.
TheTrueRoker:Dual Lawnmower Knifes,Two Metal Baseball Bats,Composite Bow,Bowie Knife,Wooden Spear.
deadliestwarrior_kelly:Kitchen Knife,Staff,Baseball Bat,Shurikens,Katana And Wakizashi.
JHanson712:Knife On A Rope,Broom Handle With Nail On End,Katana,Slingshot.

                                            Short Range
Dual Hunter's Knifes Vs Dual Lawnmower Knifes Vs Kitchen Knife Vs Knife On Rope.
                    All Of Them Do Great Damage. In Fourth Is deadliestwarrior_kelly Kitchen Knife.Its Just A Regular Knife Compared To The Other Knifes.In Third Is Me And TheTrueRoker Because We Both Have Two Knifes And Are Every Skilled With Them So In First Is JHanson712 For His Creative Knife On A Rope.

                                          Medium Range
War Hammer Vs Two Metal Baseball Bats Vs Baseball Bat Vs Broom Handle With Nail
                   In Fourth Is JHanson Because A Nail In a Broom Handle Is A Good Way To Make A Spear But To Me Its Just Another Spear. In Third Is Me For My War Hammer. It Doesn't Have The Reach Like A Bat. Second Is deadliestwarrior_kelly For His Baseball Bat. TheTrueRoker Has Two,So If Both Lose Theirs TrueRoker Still Has One.

                                           Long Range
Bowie Knife And Sling Vs Composite Bow And Bowie Knife Vs Shurikens Vs Slingshot
                   In Fourth Is JHanson712 For His Slingshot. It Those Damage But Everyone Has Armor So I See Slingshot Being Useless. In Third Is deadliestwarrior_kelly With Shurikens. They Aim Accurately They Fire Accurately But Range Gives It Bronze. In Second Is Me For Bowie Knife/Sling. Me And TrueOker Both Have Bowie Knifes But The Bow Beats The Sling.

                                        Special Weapons
Short Axe Vs Wooden Spear Vs Katana Vs Katana/Wakizashi
                             In Fourth Is TrueRoker For His Wooden Spear. The Spear Is Great But Againest 2 Swords, A Long Knife, And A Axe Its In 4th. In Third Is deadliestwarrior_kelly With His Katana And Wakizashi. This Would Get The Edge But Wielding Two Weapons Is Hard.(Unless Their Knifes) In Second Is Me With My Short Axe. An Axe Does Damage But Comapred To The Katana. Its Nothing.

The Four Blog Writers Are On Spike, Viewing Other Peoples Blogs When They Recieve A Voice Message. "Congratulations Viewers. You Have Been Invited To A Spike Blog Writer Convention In Boston. Be There By 5:00pm On Sunday." Said The Message. Each Went Off To Boston. By Five A'Clock, Everyone Was There. The Four Blog Writers Walked To The Deadliest Warrior Part Of The Convention. It Was Crowded. Then TheTrueRoker Bumps Into Frogman417. "Owww.." Said Farogman417. "Whats In Your Jacket?!" "Nothing" Roker Answered. Then Out Of Roker's Pocket Came A Lawnmower Knife. Frogman Backed Up And Pulled Out A Hunter Knife. As Frogman Ran Toward Roker He Backed Up To See A Wooden Spear. deadliestwarrior_kelly Ran To See It. He Got Out A Katana And Wakizashi. All The People Ran In Terror. One Stopped And Saw His Slingshot. He Fired It Only To Miss By A Yard. deadliestwarrior_kelly Saw The Man And Threw His Shuriken. It Hit Put It Just Glided Off His Leather Jacket. Then He Charged With His Bat JHanson Pulled Out His Katana And Cut The Bat In Two. Then He Stabbed The Chest Of Him. As That Happened Frogman And TrueRoker Were In Combat.Roker Tried To Use His Spear For His Advantage But Frogman Dodge Every Stab. And He Got Behind Roker And Tripped Him. Roker Got His Lawnmower Blade And Tried To Stab Frogman. But Then Frogman Had A Height Advantage. So He Then Grabbed Roker's Hand And Got His War Hammer. He Used The Sharp End To Stab The Neck Of TheTrueRoker. Then JHanson Walked To Frogman Then Saw Roker. He Got Out His Broom And Nail Spear. He Stabbed Frogman In The Leg But He Got His Hunter Knife And Stabbed The Arm Of JHanson. JHanson Then Got Out His Knife On A Rope. And Frogman417 Got Out His Bowie Knife. Hanson Swung And It Got Stuck In Frogman's Shield. Frogman Then Cut The Rope Of The Swinging Knife. Frogman Got His Sling As JHanson Ran Out. Frogman Saw JHanson To The Convention Door. He Swung And Hit The Door Knob. Then Frogman Got Out His Short Axe. JHanson Got His Katana And Charged. Then They Clashed Weapons. Then JHanson Kicked Frogman417 To The Door. Frogman Lost His Axe And Saw JHanson Run At Him. He Punched Frogman Down. Then JHanson712 Got Him Up And Charged Him Thourgh A Window. Frogman Was Bleeding From His Back To His Knees. JHanson Walked Through The Window As Frogman417 Got Out His Other Hunter's Knife. He Ran And Stabbed Him In The Back. JHanson Was Too Weak To Fight As Frogman Stood Over Him. He Then Kick The Back Of His Head. JHanson Was Dead. Frogman Saw The Carnage And Went Directly To The Airport.

                First Place:Frogman417
I Put Myself As The Winner,But With Good Reason. One Im Every Fast,Two I Had The Armor To Protect,And Three,My Close Range Is Great Not Weapons Hands.