And The Guy Who Touched Off An International Incident Is...A Used Car Dealer

October 13, 2011

By now, you've likely heard of a supposed plot directed by Iran to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States using a hitman from a Mexican drug cartel. It's created calls for new sanctions on Iran, debate over how it could have gotten as far as it did, and generally a lot of people with nukes are not happy. But what about the guy who started all of it?

Turns out used car dealers are even slimier than we thought!

Meet Mansour Arbabsiar, a Texas purveyor of fine pre-owned motor vehicles, and, according to pretty much everybody who knew him, perpetually broke loser. Perhaps not shockingly, considering how much money he owed everybody he knew, literally everybody who knows him says that he probably did it for the money, not any sort of politics or belief in anything. Man, they just don't make terrorists like they used to.

In short, if the Iranian government is actually involved, which has yet to be fully established, they looked for a guy who could pull off an operation involving the murder of a foreign diplomat in a nation that's paranoid about terrorism, and the best they could do was a used car salesman. Why are we supposed to be worried about these people again?

Photo: Handout