F***ing, Austria Tired of F***ing

July 28, 2009

A tiny Austrian town with the unfortunate name of F***ing is so sick and tired of tourists f***ing in F***ing they have taken drastic measures to curb the activity.

For years tourists have stopped at the town named F***ing, near Salzburg, to have their photograph taken in front of the town’s sign. The town dates back to 1070 and is named after a sixth century nobleman named Lord Focko. The “ing” is old German for “family off.”

Recently some horny couples have started filming themselves having sex in front of the sign. This has outraged locals of the conservative town. One local told reporters, “I'm sure each of them think they're the first to think of it but believe me they're not. We've grown very tired of it and we're doing something about it. We are a very traditional community and we find this sort of public display shocking."

To stamp out the shocking activity the town has installed CCTV cameras to monitor the area. They hope the cameras will make couples “think twice and just pose for a picture instead.” It might also make it easier for exhibitionists to get their sex on, now that they don’t have to bother bringing a video camera.

Source: Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images