Mantenna – Katie Couric is Leaving CBS News

April 26, 2011
Katie Couric is leaving CBS news, Christina Aguilera finally opens up about her botched Super Bowl appearance, and the Lollapalooza 2011 festival lineup is announced…we didn't land on the Mantenna! The Mantenna landed on us!

Katie Couric is Leaving CBS News

Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Katie Couric has announced she’s leaving the anchor’s desk. The 54-year-old is set to step down when her five-year contract with CBS ends in early June. She released a statement saying, “I have decided to step down from the CBS Evening News. I'm really proud of the talented team on the CBS Evening News and the award-winning work we've been able to do in the past five years in addition to the reporting I've done for 60 Minutes and CBS Sunday Morning. In making the decision to move on, I know the Evening News will be in great hands, but I am excited about the future.” Couric was the first female solo anchor of a U.S. weeknight network newscast. Couric is rumored to be headed to daytime television for her own talk show. [Reuters]

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chelsea Handler Trash Talk Their Grandmothers

Gwyneth Paltrow unleashed an expletive last night while discussing her grandmother with Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately. The two blondes were reminiscing about their grandmothers and how each called her mutti, which is German for mommy. Chelsea let it slip that her “mutti was a real b@#$” and Gwyneth one-upped her by saying, “My mutti was a real c@#$.” Ms. Paltrow says her mutti was not sweet or cuddly, but rather hated her guts. She added, “She tried to poison my mother [actress Blythe Danner] against me, but it didn't work, because I have a great mother.” Paltrow called her mutti “tough” and was probably not in a great place in life. She told Handler, “You look back and you think she must not have been very happy and she must've had a lot of pain because she was mean as hell.” How sad. [New York Daily News]

Christina Aguilera Finally Opens Up About Super Bowl

Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Christina Aguilera recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she finally decided to come clean about her infamous “Star-Spangled Banner” snafu at this year’s Super Bowl. "I took in the moment a little bit too much," Aguilera told Ellen. "Shoot me for appreciating the moment but here I am at the Super Bowl...singing for a team and in front of the world. And remembering what it was like to be that young and look where I made it now," she said. Even though she got a ton of Internet flak for the lyrical screw up, Aguilera also went on to say that she’s moved past the drama. Blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol… [Celebitchy]

Lollapalooza 2011 Lineup Announced

The official lineup for Lollapalooza 2011 has finally been unveiled, y’all. Eminem, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, and Muse are all set to headline the 20th anniversary of the Lollapalooza music festival at Chicago's Grant Park on August 5-7. Other acts scheduled to play the fest include My Morning Jacket, Cee Lo Green, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley & Nas, Lykke Li, Girl Talk, and Kid Cudi. This is gonna be an interesting one, yo. [Lollapalooza]