The Truth about Islam ,miracles,inspiration story,hadiths and supplications

May 30, 2008

Quran told us about man stages in the womb , the truth that earth s round,the truth of solar apex, hummer sound stars, the truth that the sky is kept from heavenly bodies that may harm the earth, the weave shape of the sky, the truth that atom is the smallest unit. the fact that the the front of the brain s responsible 4 telling lies. The planets orbits the fact that universe in constant movement , the fact that the rom were defeated in the lowest part of earth and they would defeat Persians, the fact of difficulty breathing when going up sky and that everything s from water and that there is a pair of everything, the universe expansion, the fact that the moon gets closer to the sun, the fact that universe will contract and destroy after this expansion, the different fingerprints, fall of iron from sky,the barrier between seas, the layers of waves of sea and sky. The fact that earth and sky were one part then separated, the role of mountains to hold the earth, the black heavenly bodies of sky(khonnas konnas in arabic),the copper color of moon at some of its stages. The fact that female bees make hives. it challenges people to know about soul that determines your likes, dislikes and character. In addition2 its mathematical miracles. (Ex: men r mentioned the same number as women).

prophet Mohammed miracles r food and water multiplication, flow of water from his fingers, moon split in two 4 him, camel complained 2 him about its owner cruelty.trees,stones and a wolf testimonied he was prophet. the wood that he used to stand on when preaching cried when he abandoned it as Muslims made him a pulpit, he said that his daughter Fatima would be the first of his relatives to die after him, he resurrected his mother and she believed in him and resurrected a girl2 her father but she preferred being by Allah side, he gave dates case 2 Abuhurrira from which he continued 2 eat till Othman bin affan(the 4th successor of Mohamed) , a cloud followed him, he ate poisoned meat from a Jewish woman but did not die though his friend who ate with them died, he turned a wood into a sword ,he was midheight but when walking with the tall became as tall as them, he said that Arab peninsula was green lands, he predicted that Muslims would ship in sea and that a friend of his would die non Muslim and this all happened as he committed suicide, during a drought he raised his hands 2 sky and before lowering it rain fell heavily 4 week till Muslims asked him 2 ask Allah 2 stop it and he raised his hand and it stopped, he asked Allah that one of his friends wouldn't grow old and this happened as he never had a white hair, he said that sun would rise from the west, he cured the ill people. he was poor and refused Mikka masters proposal to leave Islam and they would make him their master, he said if u put the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand, I will never stop spreading Islam. inspiration start: When prophet Mohamed was a child, a priest called el Bohiry saw him and saw a sign in his body ,he said that this boy would be the prophet the Jesus foretold, when Mohamed was playing with the sons of his wet-nurse that nursed him after the death of his mother and was called Halima el saadia,two angels in the form of men laid Mohamed on the ground and opened his chest and removed his heart and put it in a pot to clean it from the misdeeds of humans then returned it back again , when he first was taken to his wet-nurse who was very poor, blessings came to her farm and sheep produced milk and vegetables grew ,Mohamed also made little goats that haven't become mature produce milk , when Mohamed was 40 years old, the inspiration (angel Gabriel) came to him in Heraa cave and told him that Allah chose him to guide people to worship Allah, Mohamed was shocked by the inspiration ,he ran to his wife khadega who took him to her cousin(Waraka bin nofal) who knew about religions much , so he told her that this inspiration is the one that was sent to Moses and Jesus so Mohamed would complete their message, Mohamed began spreading his message ,some people especially the poor accepted this new religion but the masters refused its values such as equality and mercy fearing the loss of their possessions so they began torturing Muslims in mikka so Allah ordered Mohamed to migrate with Muslims to medina where Mohamed was welcomed and Muslims increased and became stronger then Mohamed returned 2 Mikka forgiving its people though they harmed him and Muslims before and Islam spread. Mohamed ordered not to imprison animals without food till death and a woman would enter hell 4 doing that with a cat and aman would enter paradise 4 giving water 2 a thirsty dog ,Muslims with high morals will be beside the prophet on judgment day as nothing s heavier in your scale then good morals, a Muslim with good morals reaches the degree of the fasting and night prayer, Allah willmot mercify those who don’t mercify others,.the prophet used2 shake hands with children while walking in streets, he sais:
. Keep away from polytheism and harming people. the bankrupt r those who come on judgment day with great accepted deeds but they hit others, robbed others, ill spoke about others so all those will take from his good deeds till he has zero good deeds and be thrown in hell. those who help in killing( even with half word ki-instead of kill-) without right will be desperate of Allah mercy on judgment day .

Some of prophet hadiths:Reasons that lead 2 paradise:
if u lose your son and be patient ,then Allah will build u a palace in the heaven.
if u lose your eyesight and be patient, if u have 3 or more daughters and bring them up well, they will be a screen 4 u against hell, if u control your anger, Allah will marry u the virgin u wish on judgment day, praying alfagr and alasr(first and third prayers), saying allah i ask u4paradise and protection from hell 7 times after fagr and maghrib(first and fourth prayers)guarantee paradise if died in the time between these prayers, only the clean will enter paradise,fagr (morning)mosque prayers r in Allah harbor ,an easygoing person will not enter hell . But what hinders from paradise r parents abuse, wine addicting, not joining your relatives, arrogance, slandering, being on bad terms with those u know 4 more than 3 days and if this continue 4 more than year, it s as if u shed his blood, polytheism and hypocrisy s minor polytheism and the first people 2 start hell r martyr, generous and scholar as their good deeds were 2 get reputation(hypocrisy) not 2 satisfy Allah . if u know what s in the darkness and morning prayers(final and first prayers),u will go 2 pray them in the mosque even by crawling and they r the heaviest prayers on the hypocrite.
Allah will harbor and respond 2 those who harbor and satisfy the needs of others, those who feed humans or animals will be in heaven.

women r men brothers and those who honor then r generous but those who insult them r mean and best people r those who treat their wives well like the prophet and satisfy people needs and Allah people r Quran readers.
prophet says that the least people in heaven will have 10 as much as the whole universe or 15 as much as what a king owns or will be seated and asked what he wants and he will be given what he wishes and as much as it, people in heaven don't urinate or spit or excrete and their sweat s like musk ,virgins in heaven don't get old or die or leave u or give birth or excrete or urinate and they sing sweetly.
Mosque prayers r Allah guests and he will honor them, they r also Allah neighbors.
when u don't guide others , Allah will not respond to your supplication and u r deprived of the virgins that r made mainly 4 those who spread Islam facts like aynaa(with wide eyes). in the paradise s a virgin called loaba(toy in english)on her chest s written those who wanna virgin like me should satisfy my lord.
Fasting the tenth day of first month of Muslim calendar covers the past year sins and fasting the days 13,14 and 15 of every Muslim month s from sunna of prophet . fasting Arafat day covers the sins of past year and coming year, prophet says also that what overtakes your heels from your clothes s in hell and Allah will not look at u while praying if your do this, say no god but Allah and u will succeed and the phrase no power except by Allah s from paradise treasures.

charity in Islam s not limited 2 giving money 2 the poor as prophet Mohamed said as it includes smiling 2 your brother, removing road blockades, feeding human or animal,guiding people 2 do good and avoid sins, good word that satisfied Allah and even having sex with your wife as long as having sex in illegal relations s sin. Allah says in hadith by prophet that the paradise s his mercy by which he mercifies whom he wants and the hell s his means of torturing , he said that when both paradise and hell disputed and the paradise said that it has the poor weak people while hell said it has the haughty. the worst sins r disbelieving, polytheism ,magic ,harming people, adultery specially with the wife of your neighbor. The Muslim s the person who doesn't harm Muslims and leave away sins as prophet said. he said also that nobody will enter paradise except by Allah mercy even he himself and Muslims will not believe till they love each other and this will happen when they shake hands and Allah distributes 100mercies on the hand shakers 90 of them 4 the beginner. the best words r subhan Allah, no god but allh, thanks 2 Allah, Allah the greatest(akbar) and those who give one salutation 2 prophet one time ,Allah will will give 2 them10 .and if they give him 100times a day, Allah will give them 100of their needs70 of them after death, those who say subhan Allah and thanks 2 Allah 100 times in the morning and evening, no one would have done greater than them this day .paradise surrounded by dislikes but hell surrounded by likes. Give presents 2 create love and those who get back what they give like the dog eating what it vomit s. non people thankers r non Allah thankers.

Every one step 2 mosque raises u degree and removes a sin from u and walking 2 mosques at night guarantees u complete light on judgment day. if honesty s missing, wait 4 judgment day and those with no honesty have no belief. Surat (chapter) al kadr=1/4 of Quran, surat al ekhlas=1/3 of Quran, surat alzalzalah=1/2of Quran. Surat al molk prevents grave torment.Yassin Chapter s the heart of quran and reading it in the morning then asking allah for your need makes allah respond to u. Friday activities: reading surat eldoghan (the smoke)on friday night provides u with a palace in paradise and if u read it each night 70000angels will ask Allah 2 cover your sins, reading surat elkahf every Friday will light your days till next Friday. having a shower on Friday covers your sins and cutting your nails on Friday or reading surat elekhlas and surat al nas and surat alfalak 7 times after friday prayer prevents harm till next Friday. the difference between those who mention allah and those who don’t mention him s the same as the difference between the alive and the dead and allah with u and mentions u as long as u mention him. from Allah greatest names by which he gives and responds when asked: the owner of the rule or his names in surat elekhlas or Yunus supplication(no god but u subhanak i was from the unjust(3times). Allah responds 2 u as long as u don't be hasty by saying i asked but u didn't respond, asking him 2 do sin or womb relations cutting. if u ask Allah forgiveness for believers whether males or females 27 times a day, Allah will respond to your requests , your supplication 2 your brother s responded and u will have like him. Your supplication s trapped off sky till u give salutations 2 prophet Mohammed. the best times Allah respond 2 your asking are in rainfall, when armies meet, before u end your imposed prayer, when u r fasting or being oppresed,between call 2 prayer and prayer and at midnight as Allah goes down 2 the lowest sky asking s not there a repentant ,s not there a person in need so i give him. night praying s the believer honor. Saying subhan Allah and thanks 2 Allah 100times covers your sins even if they were like sea foam. Follow the sin with good deed2 delete it.3 persons Allah doesn't look at or purify: liar prince, haughty poor and adulterer old man.Dont those who look up while praying fear they lose their eyesight and those who raise their heads before the prayer leader fear their heads turn into a donkey head. once a funeral passed so prophet friends spoke ill of it ,then another passed but they spoke well of it, then the prophet said the first will be in hell while the second will be in paradise as u r Allah witnesses on earth. Let what make u doubt as truth s reassurance but lies r doubt.

no one will be in paradise thanks 2 his own deeds. If u read surat el ekhlas 10 times or pray 12 bows(rakaas)voluntarily or leave lies even joking will have a palace in the paradise. purity s half of belief ,subhanallah fills the scale, subhanallah and thanks2allah fills in between the sky and earth,prayer s light(nour),charity s proof, patience s light(diaa).the throne of alrahman (merciful allah)shakes if man has sex with man. cleanness s the prayer key, those who walk 2 mosques with no aim other than praying will have the same agr(reward) as the pilgrim and praying al fagr (first prayer) in mosque then waiting till sunrise mentioning Allah then praying 2 bows(rakaas) of sunrise(doha)make u have the same agr(reward) as the pilgrimage. Saying thanks 2 Allah who fed me this food without any power from me cover all your sins, envy eats away sins the same as the fire when it eats fire wood ,charity puts out sin like the water when it puts out fire. the most liked deeds by Allah r praying on time then parents obedience then jihad 4 Allah sake, every care and tiredness a man feels even the thorn that pricks him s expitation2his sins so if Allah likes a person ,he puts him into a misfortune. Those who wanna be happy with their papers on judgment day should ask Allah 2 cover their sins from 70-100 times or more daily. What bring curses r changing earth borders, hoarding,bribe taking and giving, wig hair wearing, putting tattoos, changing body shapes by changing your eyebrows or teeth shape and imitating the other sex. Ablution then sleeping makes angels ask Allah 2 cover your sins till u walk up, the honest merchant will be with prophets and martyrs. those who believe in Allah and judgment day should honor their guests ,treat their neighbors and say good words or shut up. The most tortured people on judgment day r the creatures' drawers. Allah raises the modest. Exploit health, youth, life and spare time before they r over. No pessimism in Islam.
Those who fast Ramadan and pray on its nights believing in Allah, Allah will cover their sins. Never flatter me like what happened with Jesus but say Allah slave and messenger. nothing s better on al adha feast than sacrificing as Allah covers your sins with the first drop of the slaughtered animal, feast days r days of eating, drinking and mentioning Allah. Toothbrush leads2 mouth purity, Allah satisfaction and devil anger.Dont ask by Allah face except paradise. Allah accepts your repentance as long as u r not dying and the sun did not rise from the west. All the muslin nation s forgiven except the declarers of their sins. What delete sins s ablution, walking alot 2 mosques and waiting 4 prayers. Deeds by intentions and fins. Man may utter the good word without caring but it provides him with Allah satisfaction till meeting him and he may talk with the word that angers Allah without caring but it makes him fall deep in hell. Allah has 99names, those who count them will enter paradise. in hadith kodsi (by Allah)take out of hell those who mentioned me one day or feared me in a position.Days will come when other nations will continue harming Muslims as Muslims large number will be as weak as mud. live as if u were stranger or passer by.begging without need means collecting hellish stones and removing your face skin.never seek rule .2 eyes hell doesnot touch : a crying eye 4 fear of allah and a guarding eye 4 allah sake.avoid black dye in hair.dice players disobeied allah and his messenger.Those who guide people2 good will have the same reward as their followers but those who tell others2do sins will have the same torture as their followers.

Inform about me even a verse.
If u r in a country with an epidemic, don’t leave it.
swear only by allah as those who swear by otherthan allah and don’t pray disbelieved.
From those to whom allah will not look or purify ; one swore to give something but did not and one who did not give the workers for him their wages.
Fear Allah whenever u r, follow the sin with good deed to delete it and treat people with good manner.

Those who raised weapons against us r not from us.
This who raises an iron bar against his brother, angels will curse him till leaving it.
Once a man knocked at prophet Mohamed door, the prophet asked: who s at the door? The man said; it s me, the prophet said: me? Me ? .it means that he hated this way of replying so the man should have mentioned his name.
You should knock three times at door and mention your name as prophet Mohamed recommended.

From the instinct cutting your nails,moustache and unnecessary body hair.
Only the clean will enter paradise. Avoid black dye in coloring hair.

 hypocrisy s like a creeping black ant on black rock on a dark night
The devil comes to u asking who created the tree, the stone. then who created Allah .so seek Allah protection from devil three times and spit on the left and read chapter of ekhlas.

Don’t make your homes like graves, read surat al baqarah(chapter of cow in Quran).

Before sleeping u should move your bed cover to dismiss the devil. U should also read the final two verses of surat al baqarah.
When eating,entering mosque and wearing your clothes or shoes: begin with the right but when cleaning your genitals use the left hand and enter the bathroom with left leg. As Prophet recommended.
Days will come when some of my nation will consider as halal(not banned) adultery,silk ,wine and playing musical instruments.

The drink that much of it makes u drunk, the little of it is haram( banned).
When washing your body , begin with the higher and the right parts of your body and rub hair well as  prophet recommended.
 u should eat in groups and eat and drink sitting,drinking should be on three  stages.
We r people who eat only when we r hungry and don’t fill our stomach greatly.

Those who lie to the prophet deliberately should wait for their hellish seat.And so do those who wanna others stand up for them.
No one should occupy his brother seat without his permission and u shouldnot be the prayer leader (imam) of anyone  at his home.
The worst sin after polytheism s the illegal sperm in a woman womb..
The sessions of mentioning Allah and learning his religion makes your misdeeds turn into good deeds.

The religion s advice.
From the muslim rights on muslim : following his funeral ,visiting him when being ill, saying to him after sneezing : may Allah guide u and rest your minds,offering advice in need. those who die defending their souls,their money,their women,their homeland,their religion or die drowned or burnt or with a stomach ache r MARTYRS.
dont shot at creatures with spirits.

It s great evil to despise your muslim brother.
Allah likes sneezing but hates yawning.
Seeking knowledge s imposed on all muslims.

The prophet ordered not to waste money,repeat what others say(rumours) and many requests. The believer self-respect s when he does without people.Dream s from the devil. say I believed in allah and continue in good deeds.All of adam son organs r adulterers.Forty traits top of  which s giving your goat to your neighbour to milk it then give it back to u,those who do any of these traits to get reward from allah,allah will make them enter paradise.

those who die defending their women,homeland,souls,money r martyrs.

People with tallest necks r pray callers.
Say on hearing the sunset(4th prayer) call 2 prayer: Allah this s the coming of your night , the going of your day and the voice of your preachers ,so cover my sins.
Don't do good if others did or evil if others did but do good and avoid evils whatever others did.
Work s worshipping and the higher hand s better than the lower hand.
Allah dislikes the unemployed , scurrility and foul mouthed.
40 traits top of which giving your goat 2 your neighbour 2 milk it some time then give it bach,those doing any of these trait seeking allah reward will go 2 heaven by it.if u didnot commit sins,allah would end u and bring other nation who commit sins then ask allh 2 expit them.visiting an ill person makes 70000 angels pray 4 yu till u r back.Those who believe in allah and judgement day should honour their neighbours and guests , join their relations and say good words or shut up.Exchange presents and like each other.
Avoid cleaning yourself -after excreting -with bones as this s the food of ginn brothers.
The prophet ordered not to urinate while standing.From the instict removing unnecessary body hair.Dont seek rule.If u have hair,honour it.
Keeping dogs without need eats away your good deeds daily.
Prophet Mohamed did not mock food at all but if he hated it, he left it .
You should knock three times at door and mention your name as prophet Mohamed recommended.

Those who help others,allah will help them and they will cross like lightning on Judgement day.
4 woman the best place 4 prayer s her home.
Allah and his angels pray for those who have daybreak meal during fast as daybreak meal s a blessing.
Allah ,his angels and even the whale in sea and the ant underground pray for those who guide people to the good.
Allah gets happy with your repentance.
Allah says in hadith: Adam son harms me with calling age bad names as I am the age and I change it.

A woman s asked 4 marriage 4 her beauty,her money,her high rank family and her religious devotion so do your best 2 get this with religious devotion.
if a man u agree 2 his morals and religion proposed 2 u,accept him or it will be great fitna and corruption in earth.

If i were 2 order anyone 2 bow 4 a human,i would have ordered the wife 2 bow 4 her husband.
Surat al doghan(smoke)prevents judgement thirst.

 If two people shake hands, their sins will fall like tree papers.
• 2 sorts of people I haven't seen: women with descriptive clothes who will not go 2 heaven or smell it and people hitting others with whips like cows tail.
Spread salutations among you.
• Allah doesn't put blessing in a work that
diverts your attention from praying
This religion is strong so deepen in it gently.

No ablution with the need 2 go 2 the toilet and no prayer when the food is presented.
From the good islam is not interfering with others business.

surat al falak and surat alnas r the best ways 2 seek Allah protection from any fear. Say Allah complete the blessing, the health and the cover i am in this morning( this evening). When u fear someone or in disaster say :alla s my god i am not a polytheist of anything else. I seek your protection from the evil of this person who s the son of (his name) and the evil of humans and jinn. no god but Allah the great ,the high, no god but Allah, the patient and generous, no god but allah the god of the 7 skies and the god of the generous throne. Allah i am the son of your slave, the son of your ammah,my forehead in your hand , your rule will happen 2 me and your judge 2 me s just, I ask u with all the names u named yourself or lowered in your book or taught 2 one of your creatures 2 make the almighty Quran the spring (rabea) of my heart, the light of my chest, the deletion of my cares and the vanishing of my sadness. sayyed elesteghfar ( master of seeking allah cover of sins) : Allah ,u r my god, u created me and I am your slave and I try 2 keep your promise as I could, I confess your blessings on me and I confess my sins, so cover my sins as u only cover sins (saying this guarantees paradise if u died) and so does reading the 3 final verses of surat el hashr morning and evening after seeking Allah refuge from devil 3 times . Allah, I deposit with u what i read and memorized so give it back 2 me when i need it as u can do anything, Allah i seek from u the understanding of prophets and the memorizing of the sent angels ( this s 2 be said when studying). When entering home say in the name of Allah we entered and got out and on our god we depended .when entering mosque say Allah give salutations 2 Mohammed, Allah open 2 me the doors of your mercy. When going out of the mosque say Allah open2 me the doors of your favor .when looking at the mirror say Allah improve my morals as u improved my creation, Allah forbid the hell from my face. Saying hasbin Allah, no god but Allah, on him I depended and he s the god of the great throne (7 times) makes Allah get rid u of your cares. Saying in the name of Allah when entering the bathroom blinds the devils. U should say thanks2allah who made me get rid of harm after going out of bathroom. When u bid someone farewell say we entrust Allah with your religion and the conclusion of your deeds. When hearing a cock ask Allah favor as it sees angels but when hearing a donkey or dog seek Allah protection from devil, when it rains, say Allah, make it useful rain, but after rain stops, say we got this rain thanks 2 Allah. the supplication when u wear your clothes or marry a woman or buy a car or feel wind: Allah, I ask u for its good and seek your protection from its evil . from the best ways 2mention Allah:subhan Allah and thanks 2 Allah the number of his creatures, his satisfaction, the weight of his throne and the number of his words. Saying no power except by Allah 10 times in the morning prevents Allah anger and 10 times in the evening prevents devil tricks and 10 when sleeping prevents afflictions. If u say I am satisfied with Allah as lord, Islam as religion and Mohamed as prophet, Allah will satisfy u. From Prophet Mohamed supplications; Allah, I seek your protection from infidelity, poverty, grave torment,cares, sadeness,debt,disability and laziness.


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