Allen and Ton and the Mace of Spades

August 5, 2011
The Auction Hunters call Los Angeles their home, but not all of L.A. is glitz and glamour. Take a ride over to the industrial part of town which stretches as much as 20 miles wide and you'll realize just how much of a hard working town this place is. Mills, factories . . . anything and everything is made here, but that also means you can find anything and everything here. Here's one fact for you: the population of industrial Los Angeles grew from only 5,000 to nearly two million during the industrial revolution. Lots of people equals lots of items. That said, let's see what the Hunters found this week.


What a roller coaster of a hunt this one turned out to be. As Ton and Allen arrived at the storage facility they were stoked by the fact that there were NINE units up for auction and only a few select bidders to be found. It was going to be like shooting fish in a barrel, but then the bad news came. There were not nine rooms as promised. The auctioneer quickly broke the reality that they were now down to only ONE room, though a monster of a room at that. The Hunters set their price, and through some fancy bidding nabbed it and came in $300 below what they expected to spend. As they paid out the cash they got a nice surprise. There was one more room for auction. Ton wanted no part of the mess of a room, but Allen had a good feeling about it. If he was wrong, he'd owe Ton big time for wasting their day on a loser unit. If he was right, Ton would eat his hat.


Sold For: $375

Ton and Allen walked into their expert Joe's store armed with a few military relics and very quickly realized that not everything they had either had a story or a value. They offered him a WWI French army helmet, but having been repainted and being as busted up as it was, its value shrank to about $20. When they showed him the flail that Ton found, Joe was even more put off; telling the boys that it was nothing but a reproduction. When they finally broke out the mace, well, that's when Joe paid attention. Turns out the item dated back to WWI and was a factory made German mace used by trench raiders crossing "no man's land" during the Great World War. It was often used as an element of surprise to someone stealing a smoke in a trench. The raider would sneak up behind him; slam him with the mace and crack his head open like an egg. Breakfast anyone?


Sold For: $6,500

As Ton and Allen made their way to the junkyard, they learned they had on their hands one of the first diesel Bobcats in existence. Capable of holding 55 different attachments and lifting 2,500 lbs. without tipping over, the machine starts out selling new at around $40K, far more an expensive than your typical household car. Since that was the case, it stood to reason that Ton would be able to smash your typical household car with the Bobcat. Some guys get to have all the fun . . . and then make money doing it.

This week on Facebook it was the mace vs. the Bobcat. Now if it had been a real live Bobcat then things might have been even more difficult. However, it wasn't. Instead most of you out there used sound judgment in guessing that the mace, a relic from WWI, was only worth a few hundred, while the beast of a wrecking machine was worth considerably more. Kudos to all who participated.

Overall it wasn't a bad week for the Boys with the flashlights. On two rooms they dropped a decent $1,350, most of which was on the first room. Adding up the mace, the Bobcat and the other items they gathered $8,575. Pretty good for a day's work. You take away the cost of the units and you've got yourself $7,225 in pure profit. Wonder what they'll spend it on? Probably bubble gum.

Comic books, military phones, welders, a mace, a Bobcat . . . what a week! Did we mention that the guys got to smash a bunch of stuff too? Want to see more of Ton's appetite for destruction? Then head over to and check out the latest Auction Hunters episode,
"Diesel Digs," now available online. As always keep an eye on the Auction Hunters Facebook fan page for the latest news and updates. New episodes air Tuesdays at 10PM/9c.