The Daily Douchebag - Monday, November 23

November 23, 2009

The excitement is really building in San Diego after the Chargers defeated the rival Denver Broncos Sunday night. In fact, players on the team were so happy with the victory that their star cornerback decided to use a champagne bottle in a way not recommended by the fine folks at Dom Perignon.

According to TMZ, Antonio Cromartie (one of the team’s top players)  began a champagne party on the dance floor of a local night club. And by party, we mean smashing a bottle of bubbly on the back of an unsuspecting gentleman’s head.

The man, who was totally asking for it by just standing there having a good time, had to be rushed to the hospital and given stitches.

Well done, Cromartie. It's nice to see athletes reaching out to the fans.

Source: George Gojkovic/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images