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The Top 10 Sexiest WNBA Players of All Time

by davidbreitman   October 04, 2010 at 5:41PM  |  Views: 51,130

5. Svetlana Abrosimova

Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A formidable foe to both spell check and American basketball, this talented Russian beauty has been an athletic phenom ever since she attended a Soviet Union established high school called Petrogradskoi N86. (Which sounds like some sort of missile silo or cryogenic facility that houses the frozen head of Joseph Stalin.)

Like almost every top prospect from Leningrad, Svetlana Abrosimova fled her native country and enrolled at an American college for the chance at a better life. If only she had chosen somewhere warmer than Connecticut, she could have really embraced the decision.


4. Ilona Korstine

Photo: Elio Castoria

Ilona Korstine is also a Russian basketball star from Leningrad, so let’s just assume everything about Abrosimova applies to her. (Except the “active player” part. Korstine currently plays professionally in Russia, but did spend some time filling out a Phoenix Mercury uniform. Quite frankly, I’m prepared to count that.)


3. Kayte Christensen

Photo: Uncoached.com

3.2 points-per-game and a 60 percent career free throw percentage don’t just happen in the WNBA. Those types of stats take hard work, long legs, pretty eyes and a large male fan base. Fortunately, recently retired Phoenix Mercury alumna Kayte Christensen had all that and more. (And by more, I mean great hair and a toned stomach.)

The Oregon native has been a sexual staple in the WNBA community since entering the league in 2002 and remains active in her craft (being hot) in her work as a Sacramento Kings sideline reporter. Because fans don’t want to hear “we may be the worst team in the league this year” from an ugly person with a microphone.


2. Chantelle Anderson

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You may remember Chantelle Anderson as a talented scorer who demonstrated her skills during a brilliant six year WNBA career. It’s also possible you remember her as life coach/adviser on MTV’s hit show Made. Either way, here’s a cute picture of her to gawk at.


1.    Lauren Jackson

Photo: OlympicGirls.net

One of the greatest WNBA players of all time is also one of the sports’ best looking ladies. Standing somewhere between 6 foot, 6 inches and seven feet tall (depending on which WNBA height verification site you trust), Jackson is one of the largest players in the league and a valuable asset in any bar fight or roof cleaning situation.

She posed nude for an Australian magazine prior to the 2004 Summer Olympics, so if you’re reading this article and thinking “she’s cute, but can I judge her naked body without having to film her through a peephole?” simply fire up Google and get your creep on.



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