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The Top 10 Misbehaving Mayors

by Theta1138   October 19, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 1,794

It's said that all politics is local. And if by politics you mean corruption, dead strippers, and being so wasted you can't be breathalyzed, they're right!  These are the mayors who make Mayor Quimby look like the best mayor ever.

Source: 20th Century Fox

By Dan Seitz

10. James Fladung, Mayor of Ault, Colorado


Source: Ault Police Department

James Fladung, in addition to his august position as mayor of Ault, also has another distinction: he broke the breathalyzer.

These are the exact words from the arrest affidavit: "Officers observed the (Breathalyzer) results climbing at a rapid rate, reaching above a 0.4 (percent) . . . the numbers were moving too fast for the officer to read and the machine shut off and would not turn back on, as if it was broken."

In his defense, with that last name, we'd all be getting that wasted nightly, too, and at least he got bragging rights down in the drunk tank.

9. Koleen Brooks, Mayor of Georgetown, Colorado


Source: Eagle County Court

Usually weed-smoking former topless dancers have lucrative careers as phone sex operators and victims on Law and Order in their future, but Koleen Brooks managed, for a short time, to be mayor of Georgetown, Colorado.  We're assuming there's something in the water from the Rockies that makes small towns in Colorado elect weird mayors.

Brooks pretty much ran the town like a cross between a porn star and a Mafia boss: she told a reporter she'd sparked one fifteen minutes before started the interview and allegedly flashed an entire bar.  In the less awesome column, she allegedly tried to get a hit out on a local police officer because he didn't vote for her, and faked an attack on herself that finally got the town to realize that maybe they need a mayor who was a bit more...restrained.

Or maybe just experienced.  While awesome, apparently Brooks was an absolutely terrible mayor.  Too bad.  We wish we had a mayor we'd like to see topless.  Or just in skimpy clothing.  Hey, speaking of that...

8. Eric Brewer, Mayor of East Cleveland, Ohio


Source: Unknown

You have to feel bad for Eric Brewer.  He was in the middle of a tough mayoral race, emphasizing the change he'd brought to the city of East Cleveland, and, let's face it, they're the home of the Browns, so they need all the change they can get.  And right before the election, an embarrassing photo of a woman surfaces.

Of course, unlike most mayors, in these pictures Brewer was the woman in question.

Nobody's really sure who leaked a series of cross-dressing pictures to the media, but leaked them they did.  We'll spare you the photo of the mayor in nothing but Jimmy Choos, a bra, and stockings.  But we will say that's a flattering wig on him.  Not flattering enough to win him the election, unfortunately: the voters went with his opponent 2-to-1.

7. Eddie Price, Mayor of Mandeville, Louisiana

You know what's really embarrassing when you're mayor?  Drunk driving.  You know what makes it even more embarrassing?  Clips of you getting pulled over for it, in a car owned by your city, after smashing through a toll barrier turning up on YouTube.

But you know what's most embarrassing to your citizens?  When a recall petition to throw your butt out of office tanks, even though you're also so corrupt you actually tried to cover for a businessman kicking the crap out of a woman and stealing from a charity fund.

And just in case you thought the good citizens of Mandeville had any dignity left...Price got the keys back to a city SUV eight months after his little bout of tipsy steering.  It even has "ghost" plates, which are normally used by undercover cops so they can't be found out, and can't be run through any system.

Luckily, Price, after being denied a raise twice and being called on to resign by his city's newspaper, is currently sweating out a perjury trial. Maybe to testify he should think about catching a bus over.

6. Buddy Cianci, Mayor Of Providence, Rhode Island


Source: Darren McCollester/Getty Images

To give you an idea of how popular Buddy Cianci actually was, the only reason he isn't still mayor is that the feds jailed him on a corruption charge during "Operation Plunder Dome" as he'd been using his efforts to revitalize the city of Providence to line his own pockets.

Which everybody in Providence knew and nobody actually cared about.  Unlike most of the guys on this list, Cianci was undeniably an amazing mayor.  Providence saw an incredible turnaround under his tenure, and unlike most mayors who use the job to impress chicks, he was largely responsible.  At the time of his conviction, he was running unopposed and his approval ratings were through the roof. He's so popular, they've made not one, but two movies about him. Whether being portrayed by Oliver Platt is an honor or cruel and unusual punishment is up to you.

Oh, and now that he's out of jail, he's back to his previous job: radio talk show host.  Well, at least he's not a drug addict, like Rush Limbaugh.