Peregrine Controller is a Power Glove for the 21st Century

December 18, 2009

Remember the Nintendo Power Glove? Great in theory, not so hot in execution. I mean, you know there's a problem when the engineers opted to include an entire controller on it, ya know, just in case. This gaming glove from Peregrine? It's a bit more advanced.

First demo'd at this year's E3, the Peregrine is essentially an elastic glove with various wired contact points on it. Making different gestures results in different inputs depending on how you set up the macros.

Throwing a grenade by making a fist, or perhaps crouching by touching your thumb to your palm, etc - whatever input you define can be triggered by various gestures. Check out the clip below to see it in action.

Much like Nintendo's ill-fated attempt, it's hard to say if this thing really has much use outside of sheer novelty, but we'll reserve final judgment until we can get our..uh.. hand on it.

Source: Engadget