Swiss Army Cologne for Any Task

April 16, 2009

This is some manly-ass cologne we’re talking about here.  Look, it even has a carabiner so you can smell great while rappelling off a G.D. waterfall.

Victorinox already has cooler add-ons to their traditional Swiss Army Knife, so why wouldn’t they branch off into cologne? Here’s how it smells: “swiss essence with notes of wooded silver fir, alpine herbs, absinthe.” 

Though I’m somewhat disappointed that the cologne man-scent doesn’t smell like rawhide, whiskey, and gunpowder, I suppose that doesn’t sound entirely unappealing.  That’s probably how a really clean lumberjack playboy smells.

However, I still must tip my hat to the much more delicious Whopper cologne

Source: OhGizmo!