Sassy Tease says hi to Spike TV website visitors

December 14, 2009

I'm not much of a blogger but I try! I think that it's kind a fun sometimes. Only thing... I don't get is how to post picture in your spike tv profile but, I am sure I will learn.

I just wanted to take time and introduce myself before I start blabbing on about random thoughts. I try not to be rude.

My name is Sassy I am a radio show host and singer songwriter. I really enjoy talking about sex and relationships. So if you have a question and want to know my personal opinion feel free to write my and I will share what I think.

Most people know as being very candid I can't help it I think you shouldn't have to pretend you are something you are not! Everyone has something to say so if you have an avenue to share it with the world why not? You never know you just might inspire someone out there.

I love music,acting and being a total dork it's important to me to be able to act silly and have fun making other people laugh is fun. I hope that when I write I will share something inspiring or good with you and i'll try not to rant too much becasue sometimes well we all just want to tell the world but ... After all this is spike right so I will write about what you really want to hear...

I am 5'7 34 E/F 150lbs all natural. It's kind of a funny story becasue for so many years I didn't even know what my bra size was lol. I just bought a bra that I thought was sexy put it against my boobs and paid for it. I think a lot of girls do that after all I never knew thier as a bra fitting class but maybe I should start one it might be fun and probably too much fun.

I do the silly things that all women do like dance around in my under wear and sing in the mirror topless while i'm doing my hair and makeup or trying on my matching bras and panties to see if I feel sexy in them before I walk out the door.

It's just one of the things some of us girls do sometimes on a regular basis.



Sassy Tease